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Carrie Cantor

Carrie Cantor

Developmental Editing, Manuscript Evaluations, Line Editing

200+ books edited for major publishers and independent authors

Carrie Cantor, a published author and industry veteran, worked as an acquisitions editor at a New York publisher where she acquired and edited titles on a variety of subjects. As a free-lance editor, she has extensive experience performing diagnostic editing (critique), development editing, and line editing. Her clients are writers in the areas of memoir, history, current events, health, Judaica, women’s issues, how-to, and pop-culture, as well as romance, women’s fiction, and literary fiction.

She also helps authors write query letters and proposals that appeal to the market. Because she is an adjunct to a successful New York literary agency, she has the commercial savvy to advise clients with an eye to current trends and industry standards.

Carrie will meet you wherever you are in your writing process. If you need an objective assessment of what’s working in your book and what needs improvement in terms of structure (narrative arc, characters, pacing, etc.), she can provide a thorough professional critique. Her “bedside” manner is sensitive and respectful but holds nothing back.

If you need a line-by-line edit to polish the writing, Carrie is an expert at smoothing over any awkward moments in the narrative, helping you to be the best writer you can be without imposing her own style or taste on your prose.

Karin Cather

Karin Cather

Apocalyptic Fiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Police Procedural, Narrative Nonfiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, True Crime

Developmental editor, copy editor, and writer with a background in criminal law and martial arts

If your novel has fight scenes or involves police procedures or the law, Karin Cather is your specialist. She has accompanied police on search warrants, observed autopsies, and been to countless crime scenes. She has training in arson prosecution, search and seizure law, and the insanity defense. She can help add realism to your writing.

In creative nonfiction, as someone who spent over a dozen years as a prosecutor, Karin know how many stories law enforcement officers, other first responders, and prosecutors have to tell. Karin edits autobiography and memoir of these professionals—current or retired—who write under their own names or use pseudonyms.

Karin brings her rich and varied background to bear on crime thrillers, police procedurals, and true crime, as well as dystopian and apocalyptic fiction, science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy.

Matthew Gibson

Matthew Gibson

20+ years of Editing Experience: Developmental, Substantive, Line, Ghostwriting, Proposals

Self-help, Psychology, Alternative Medicine, Spirituality, Consciousness, Nature, Business

“Your words are powerful; they deserve to be handled with care, clarity, precision, and intention.”

Matthew Gibson has been a writer, editor, and researcher for much of his professional life, operating at a high level of discernment while skilled at finding the most essential message in any piece of writing.

From developmental/line editing and manuscript evaluations to ghostwriting and book proposals, his versatile skills are applicable to nearly any project. He’s particularly experienced helping first-time authors with subject matter expertise (e.g., scientists, consultants, therapists, teachers) find their voice and shape their ideas and story for a wider audience.

He has run two print magazines with extensive book review sections; co-founded a book imprint that published a New York Times bestseller; is a long-time reviewer for the nationally recognized Nautilus Book Awards; and is the author of three books with established publishers. His experience on all sides of the publishing equation gives him a unique perspective on the needs and aspirations of both first-time and experienced authors.

Kendra Langeteig

Kendra Langeteig

Kendra Langeteig, PhD, is a book doctor/editor, writing coach, and publishing consultant
Memoir, literary fiction, personal growth/self-help, mind-body health, science and spirituality, how-to guides, developmental editing, manuscript evaluations

Books do change lives. It’s a privilege to work with the wonderful authors who contribute to positive change by sharing their wisdom and experience. More than ever, we need the fresh perspective, insights, and courage that books can inspire in us. As a “New Age” book editor, I am grateful to participate in the exciting work that is slowly but surely transforming our world.

Now in my second decade as an editor, I specialize in supporting first-time authors, including non-native English authors. Books with a powerful heartfelt message resonate with me as an editor, whether the genre is fiction, memoir, or self-help. Many of my clients are life coaches, healing practitioners, or spiritual teachers who have decided to write a book to share their stories and provide expert guidance. Publishing a book enables authors to reach a wide audience and opens the door to exciting professional opportunities. Besides providing written feedback on manuscript drafts, I offer online conferences during the revising process. I also serve as a consultant to help my clients evaluate the best publishing route for their books.

Reinventing myself as a “book doctor” in 2011 was a natural step in my career path. It marked a return to the publishing world. Before serving on the English Department faculty at Indiana University (1991-2000), I worked as an editor for a Boston publisher. From 2008-2011, I taught in the Writing Program at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. My eclectic publications include literary essays, articles in lifestyle magazines, a book on contemporary design (The New Asian Home, Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2008), and an edited collection of stories by various authors (Everyday Miracles: Moments of Healing and Transformation, Quiet Fire Press, 2016).

Ph.D. in English Literature, Indiana University
M.A. in English Literature, University of New Hampshire
B.S. in Fine Art, University of Wisconsin

E. M. Levy

E. M. Levy

Academic and other nonfiction, memoir; social sciences, psychology, spirituality and consciousness studies, manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, line editing, copyediting

E. M. Levy has edited books for Doubleday, Random House, and many other publishers and individuals. He is at home in the social sciences and humanities.

He has edited important works of religious scholarship. In the area of general nonfiction, he has worked in a variety of genres, including biography, public affairs, spirituality, and memoir. Many authors who are nonnative English speakers have turned to him to perfect their English written expression.

Holly Monty

Holly Monty

Fiction, Nonfiction, Book Design and Self-Publishing, Dissertations, LaTeX, APA Formatting

In the last 15 years, Holly has edited more than 350 books published by top university and international presses, in areas extending from physics to philosophy.

She offers award-winning bespoke print and ebook design, as well as guidance, to self-publishers of every ilk.

For doctoral students, Holly’s services include copy editing, formatting, and expert-level APA; she has edited more than 150 dissertations.

Researchers will find Holly’s past experience editing thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles invaluable. Specialty areas include physics and geophysics, mathematics, and the humanities.

Marie Valentine

Marie Valentine

Copyediting and Proofreading Services | New Author Assistance

Marie Valentine helps first-time writers prepare their manuscripts for submission to publishers or in preparation for self-publishing.

Marie has worked for small, midsized, and academic presses, and helps authors who are new to the publishing process navigate the path to selling a book. She offers query letter and submission package review, and permissions assistance, and can answer questions you have along the way. She often blogs with her self-published authors to help promote their work.

Marie passed Book Editing Associates' rigorous proofreading test, so you can trust that her edits will also clear up any typographical errors in your book. She is fluent in the Chicago Manual of Style and AP Style.

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