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“It seems strange to be writing this, since I was a member of the network, too. But I know from experience on both sides of the fence that network members are always the best. We hired a copyeditor through the network, and she is outstanding.”

Faith Brynie

Editorial Director, The Healthy Travel Company

Many of our editors and ghostwriters are award-winning and bestselling publishing professionals whose written and edited works have sold in the millions.

Serving Writers for 21 Years

Book Editing Associates was formed in 1998 to help writers avoid online scams and match writers with experienced and proven professionals in the publishing industry.

Major Publishers

Simon & Schuster, Regency, St. Martin’s, HarperCollins, Avon, Lyons Press, Penguin Random House, Bethany House, David C. Cook, NavPress, Kensington, Tor, John Wiley & Sons, Addison-Wesley, McGraw-Hill, Knopf, Doubleday.

Network Members Include:

Developmental editors
Book designers (layout/formatting)

We help you find the book services you need by connecting you with experienced book editing, proofreading, traditional publishing, and self-publishing consultants.

How to Use the Book Editing Associates Website

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Review our editors and submit a sample using our submission form. You can select more than one editor, and we can help you find a good match.


We send your submission to the editor(s) you have selected, or that we feel will be a good match.

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Our editors will provide you with a sample edit and a quote. Once terms are agreed upon they get to work on your manuscript.

Professional, Ethical Editing Services

Our book editors and proofreaders work with nonfiction and fiction manuscripts targeted for literary agents, traditional publishers, or self-publishing services such as Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, BookBaby, Barnes & Noble Press, Kobo, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, and Lulu.

Even in the age of self-publishing, our standards have not changed. Our editors who have self-publishing experience only must pass the same entry tests as editors with in-house publisher experience.

If you intend to self-publish you don’t need to shape your manuscript for literary agent representation or a particular publisher. Instead, you and your editor have the freedom to realize your vision without literary agent or publisher considerations.

Have your nonfiction or fiction manuscript, short story, script, poem, screenplay, or article professionally edited before submitting to a literary agent, publisher, or book printer.

A professionally edited self-published book helps get the positive feedback you and your editor want.

Need help with your submission? Call 585-568-7736 M-F, 11a-8p (eastern).

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