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“Thank you for your careful and helpful edits and for pushing me to make things better; I really appreciate it and lately have realized just how lucky I was to connect with you.”

—Helen Starbuck

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Developmental Editors

Developmental Editing Services

An in-depth analysis of your manuscript.

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Copy Editing Services

Ensure accuracy, catch omissions, inconsistencies, and repetition.


Book Proofreading Services

Ensure your manuscript is free of typographical errors, misspellings, etc.

Manuscript Critique

Manuscript Critique Services

Honest manuscript evaluations from industry professionals.

Query Letters

Query Letter Services

Struggling with your query letter? We can help.


Book Writing Services

Have a great idea and need a writer to make it happen?

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What does a book editor do? 

What does a book editor do? 

Key Takeaways A book editor does more than just checking grammar mistakes; they work holistically to enhance the content and shape sentences for emotional impact. There are different types of editing: developmental, line, copy, and proofread, which range from macro to...

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Carrie Cantor – Editor Spotlight

Carrie Cantor – Editor Spotlight

Carrie Cantor is a highly experienced editor for critique and development of fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. She has worked as both an acquisitions editor at a publishing company and as a literary agent and knows what good writing looks like. Her advice has been...

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Ghostwriting FAQ

Ghostwriting FAQ

What is a ghost writer? A ghostwriter collaborates with an author/client to write a book based on the vision, ideas, and voice of the client. The ghostwriter does the research and writing and the client publishes the book in his or her own name. The client retains the...

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