Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Screenplays, Historical Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, How-To, Self-Help, Christian Fiction and Nonfiction

Kevin Miller has worked as an author, editor, publisher, educator, journalist, screenwriter, blogger, copywriter, book designer and proofreader for over 26 years. During that time, he has written, co-written, contributed to and edited over 250 published books, both fiction and non-fiction. He has also written, co-written, and/or directed and produced a dozen motion pictures, including feature film projects and documentaries. In addition, Kevin is the author of the best-selling Milligan Creek Series for middle-grade readers.

Throughout his career, Kevin has shepherded dozens of writers toward publication, including those who have gone the traditional route as well as those who have chosen to self-publish. Some of Kevin’s clients include William B. Davis, the “Cigarette Smoking Man” from The X-Files; Spencer Tillman, former NFL player and lead studio analyst for College Football Today on CBS; and Doug Brode, Hollywood storyboard artist for such films as The Maze Runner, Thor, and Star Trek. Kevin has extensive experience at every stage of the publishing process, from development all the way to book and cover design and marketing.

Kevin’s areas of specialty include sci-fi and fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction, screenplays, creative nonfiction, business writing, how-to/self-help, autobiography, and Christian fiction and non-fiction. His clients appreciate his extensive knowledge of story structure, his attention to detail, his knowledge and experience of the marketplace, and his friendly, honest approach.

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Editing Specialties

Mainstream fiction and nonfiction
Christian fiction and nonfiction
Science fiction
Scripts and screenplays
Developmental Content Editing
Structural Editing
Editing Credits


Mainstream Fiction
Christian Fiction
Science Fiction

Facelift“Kevin has a unique ability to take someone’s body of work and make it better. His feedback helped in improving my manuscript. He is on schedule and very professional. For authors seeking an editor who is detail-oriented and fluent in sentence structure and content evaluation, I recommend Kevin.”

—Myron Guillory


M.A., Christian Studies, Regent College
B.A. (Honors), Social Development Studies
B.A., Youth Ministry, Columbia Bible College – 1993

Awards and Commendations

Spokane International Film Festival Official Selection “Hellbound?” – 2012
Movieguide Award “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” – 2009
AFI Fest Official Selection “After…” – 2006
Art Within Screenwriting Fellowship Winner – 2005

Professional Associations

Writer’s Guild of America
Documentary Organization of Canada

Books Edited

  • Metaphors in Motion – Open Road Press – 2019
  • The Old Fat Guy’s Guide to Smoking Meat for Beginners – FriesenPress – 2019
  • When I Was Five – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2019
  • The Political Ecology of Pakistan – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Commanding the Realms and Elements – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Mute Children – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Mohamed’s Mission – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Hot Tub Spaceship – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Farm Boy to Fly Boy – FriesenPress – 2018
  • When I Was Twelve – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2018
  • Memories of Chuck – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Happy Norman Vol. 2 – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Happy Norman Vol. 3 – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Wine Runs Deep – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Lords and Lepers – FriesenPress – 2018
  • The Village of Misfits – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Do the Right Thing, Do It All the Time – Frank Leigh – 2018
  • The Steadfast Sword – FriesenPress – 2018
  • Crossed Up – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2018
  • Evolutionary Love – FriesenPress – 2017
  • The Cuckoo House – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2017
  • When the Rabbit Jumps – FriesenPress – 2017
  • The Spider Web Charmer – Dog Ear Publishing – 2017
  • One Flew Over the Event Horizon – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Papa Luna – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Searching for Papa Luna – FriesenPress – 2017
  • It’s Been an Adventure – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Images from the Mirror of Reality – FriesenPress – 2017
  • The Transience of Life – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Sacred Secret – FriesenPress – 2017
  • On Design – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Echoes from the Farm – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Voices from the Mackenzies – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Wind Words – Rob Kaple – 2017
  • The Far Side of a Deadbeat Dad – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Hellrazed? – WestBow Press – 2017
  • Racelift – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Degrees of Kinship – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2017
  • Son of the Last Martyrs – Curiosity Books – 2017
  • Love on Silver Lake – FriesenPress – 2017
  • Mission Veritas – Booktrope Editions – 2017
  • Vigilant Veritas – Booktrope Editions – 2017
  • Proelium Veritas – Booktrope Editions – 2017
  • Rough Cut – FriesenPress – 2017
  • The Hart of John – Dog Ear Publishing – 2016
  • Goodbye Rudy Kazoody – Angelantonio Freda – 2016
  • Degrees of Guilt – FriesenPress – 2016
  • The Late Unpleasantness – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Hostage to History – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Happy Norman Vol. 1 – FriesenPress – 2016
  • The Psychopath Machine – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Drug Safety – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Nadludzki – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Negative Buoyancy – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Mytilus – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Doc is Due for His Check Up – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Brutus Nation – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Razama-Snaz! – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Christianity, Atheism, Islam and the Need for Real Evangelical Leadership – FriesenPress – 2016
  • The Catching of a Killer – FriesenPress – 2016
  • Sons of the Greatest Generation – FriesenPress – 2016
  • ABC for the Affluent Child – Ashley Ward – 2016
  • Sleeping With a Wall Street Banker – AuthorHouseUK – 2016
  • Wheels of Wisdom – Open Road Press – 2016
  • The Symphony Heist – Curiosity Books – 2016
  • Jesus Showed Us – Freshwind Press – 2016
  • The Beauty in Darkness – Amazon CreateSpace – 2016
  • Sacred Planet – Amazon CreateSpace – 2016
  • Sex and Mine Alone – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2016
  • God’s Love Mystery – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2016
  • Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants– LuLu Publishing Services – 2016
  • The Kokuran – Vaughn Publishing – 2016
  • The Nigerian Optometrist – Olakunle Adegbile – 2016
  • The Three Marriage Enigmas – Discovery Path Publishing – 2016
  • The Zero Sum Game Book 1: The Lie – CreateSpace (design and editing) – 2016
  • Star Wars Redeemed – Big Mercury Press – 2015
  • The Life Engine – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • The Man – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • The Mask – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • Husband, Liar—Sociopath – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • Called to a Higher Service – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • What Is Time? – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • The Warring Princess – Inved Publishing – 2015
  • Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey – Project Wildman Publishing – 2014
  • A Conscious Peace – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • The Esss Advance – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • The Last Call – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2015
  • Le Mental Au Poker – Jared Tendler, LLC – 2015
  • The Ten Prison Commandments – Prison Coach Consulting – 2014
  • Why I’m an Atheist Who Believes in God – Outskirts Press – 2014
  • Racism in America: My Personal Stories and Insights – Wasteland Press – 2013
  • Tethered Worlds: Blue Star Setting – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2013
  • Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star – Kindle Direct Publishing – 2013
  • The Last Thing I’d Ever Do – YWAM Publishing – 2012
  • Her Gates Will Never Be Shut – Fresh Wind Press – 2009
  • Unfavorable Odds – Tate Publishing – 2009
  • Chrysalis Crucible – Fresh Wind Press – 2007
  • For You, My Son – Fresh Wind Press – 2006
  • Kissing the Leper – Fresh Wind Press – 2006
  • The Beatitudes – Fresh Wind Press – 2005
  • If This Were a Dream, What Would It Mean? – Fresh Wind Press – 2005
  • Big Time Bid – Editor – Freestate Publishing – 2004
  • Fear No Evil: Overcoming the Culture of Fear – Fresh Wind Press – 2004
  • Rivers From Eden – Fresh Wind Press – 2004
  • Sweating From Your Eyes: Emotional Fitness for Men – Fresh Wind Press – 2004
  • Can You Hear Me? Tuning In to the God Who Speaks – Fresh Wind Press – 2003
  • Children, Can You Hear Me? – Fresh Wind Press – 2003


I loved You More“His overall customer service was excellent, from our first conversation to his quick replies to my emails. He said he usually beats his deadlines and he lived up to that, returning it 2 weeks early which was a lifesaver for me! Most important, he brought my book to the next level and I had the ability to accept his editing changes or decline them. I think I only declined two as all others were spot on! I would definitely recommend him and use him, again, if I ever go down the path of writing another book. Bravo & Thank You!”

— Regina Rossi Valentine

Facelift“Kevin has a unique ability to take someone’s body of work and make it better. His feedback helped in improving my manuscript. He is on schedule and very professional. For authors seeking an editor who is detail-oriented and fluent in sentence structure and content evaluation, I recommend Kevin.”

—Myron Guillory

The Last Thing I'll Ever Do“Kevin Miller is a highly motivated communicator in more than one field. I know him as the one who helped me structure and edit my recent book, The Last Thing I’d Ever Do. He did such a good job that when I submitted it to my publisher, it required virtually no revisions.”

—Peter Jordan
author of The Last Thing I’d Ever Do

“Excellent experience with my editor. Timely and very professional. Love how polished my manuscript is. Didn’t change my voice throughout. I was able to concentrate on my story while Kevin did the ‘dirty work’ of cleaning things up.”

— Catherine Welsch

“Wow! Thanks a million for your revision and I am so appreciative for your work. Believe me, I have been trying to finish writing other short stories from my childhood but the editing has been stopping me from finishing it. I now know who to contact to help me edit my stories. Once again, thank you very much! Excellent Service!.”

—Contact info on request

“It was a privilege to work with you on this project. I really appreciated how quickly you responded to emails and how efficiently you worked to complete your editing. Your suggestions and comments have served to greatly enhance this book and I will be forever grateful for your commitment to detail and excellence. I have learned from you and look forward to working with you again!”

—Sheila Schroeder
owner/counselor, Relationship Renewal

“My experience with Kevin Miller was extremely great, He is world-class editor and writer. He found time in his busy schedule for my book, so I can meet my deadline, which was highly appreciated, The result was amazing, and my book is ready for the market because of his guidance, knowledge, and experience. I look forward to working with him again on upcoming books.”

—Khaled Alshaheen, Author of The Last Umayyad

“Kevin was fantastic and brought a level of quality and professional sheen to my novel that only he could have done. I’m happy that my very first book came out of the gate swinging because of his expertise. I hope to utilize his services again when I finish with my next book and I will recommend him and the agency at large to my friends if they ever need a professional and friendly editor.”

—Jacob Merwin

“Kevin was very good about working with my quirky writing style and content. Very professional in his feedback without injecting his personal opinions. Got through the material in a very timely manner.”

—John Murphy
Author of Black Saber Novels (3 book series)

“Kevin Miller brings creative thought and a humble, willing spirit to his editing solution. On Wheels of Wisdom, he provided excellent suggestions on how to rework stories to make them more compelling and intriguing. He is accommodating and customer service-oriented.”

—Tim Bishop
Coauthor of Wheels of Wisdom

“David was the right man for the job. His work was timely, thorough, and he answered every question I had. I adopted every one of his insightful suggestions for the manuscript. I hope he will be available to edit my next manuscript, which I am currently completing.”

— Stanley Holstein

“Kevin was an amazing asset for me. He took the rough areas of my manuscript and made them flow much better in terms of sentence structure, word choice, and useful suggestions. His proofreading made a remarkable difference
in my final manuscript. My only regret was that I didn’t use his services earlier. I give my highest recommendation to anyone publishing a book or novel.”

—David Nelson

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