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We are a service for writers that:

…screens, tests, and monitors book editors, proofreaders, indexers, and publishing consultants. (Only 2% of applicants pass our proofreading tests)

…allows you to locate and have direct contact with highly experienced book editing, proofreading, book indexing, and publishing professionals through one site (so you can stop your online shopping).

…helps writers avoid self-appointed but untested “copy editors,” “proofreaders,” and other online pitfalls and scams that target writers. (Anyone can put up a website and claim to be a book editor, claim to be USA-based, and fabricate positive feedback.)

Why Choose Us?

We Help Writers Avoid Scams and Scammers

Formed in 1998 to help protect writers from self-proclaimed “editors” and “proofreaders,” this network exists to connect writers with highly qualified freelance editors and proofreaders, and to screen out the unqualified.


The editors in this freelance network are truly competent and ethical. Most have traditional publishing experience. If you are looking for exceptional talent, integrity, and reasonable rates, you probably will choose a book editor or publishing consultant from this network.

Work Directly with the Book Editor, Proofreader, or Publishing Consultant You Select

You are never assigned an editor and you don’t place an “order.” You work directly with the editor or proofreader you choose using whatever methods agreed upon.


If you don’t know which services you need, and are overwhelmed with the choices in this network, the freelance network coordinator will help with the decision process.

Ethical Guidelines

Our ethical guidelines require honest assessment, which means our editors can and will turn down your work if they don’t see a way to improve your material or if you need another type of editor.

Our network members are required to use a written agreement so all details of the arrangement are clear to both the editor and the writer.

Verifiable Feedback

The network coordinator monitors feedback submitted by clients. Posted feedback is unedited although authors may ask to not have their names posted.

Book Editing and Proofreading Services

A Second Set of Eyes

The freelance editors and proofreaders listed with Book Editing Associates can provide you with a competent and professional second set of eyes. It is a proven fact that it is impossible to proof your own work; you tend to overlook mistakes of all sizes. Your mind subconsciously fills in what it thinks should be there, and your conscious appraisal is none the wiser.

But you can be sure that a literary agent or acquisitions editor will be aware of your oversights, and most self-publishing companies print as-is. Editing is an important part of the writing process that agents and acquisitions editors expect to be done, and done well.

If you’re self-publishing, you want your name associated with a quality product, not ridiculed on review sites because of errors. Don’t skip the editing and proofreading processes. Once your name hits cyberspace, it’s “out there” forever.

Nothing But The Truth

After you submit your sample, one or more of our editors will realistically assess your writing. Whether you need only proofreading, a light copy edit, or a heavier developmental edit, or could benefit from formal writing instruction—or various options in between—they will tell you kindly and up front. You will also be quoted a fair price for the service(s) recommended.

No Pressure—Ever!

The choice of service is ultimately yours. The editors and proofreaders will not pressure you into a higher level of service than you need or desire. In fact, we’ll give you a choice at every turn—including a choice of editor or proofreader. At every step you’ll be able to work with someone whose expertise and temperament match your needs.

Options: Electronic or Hard Copy

Whatever level of service you contract, you will receive two files: one color-coded using Word’s tracking feature, and the other “clean,” with all changes incorporated. This allows you to view all editorial changes. You also have the option of connecting with an editor who works off of hard copy.

The Birth of an Editing Services Network

The growth of the Internet delivered hordes of scammers who targeted unsuspecting writers with promises of publishing success. Lynda Lotman was already an established freelance editor, working on manuscripts and dissertations throughout the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. By 1995, she had a two-year backlog of manuscripts and dissertations on her calendar.

The Age of Dinosaurs (before WiFi, that is), and the Age of Posting Your Personal Phone Number on a Website

Lynda listed her phone number on her website. When she couldn’t accommodate a deadline, she couldn’t refer students and writers to other editors. She didn’t know any others, except for those who had called and asked her for her overflow work. She had no way of knowing their skills, and anyone could make up credentials and reviews, so referring any work to an untested editor was out of the question.

But then, in 1998, an editor contacted Lynda with a quandary. She and her husband were retiring and would be traveling the United States by RV. She had four people who depended on her overflow for their livelihood, and she was trying to find someone who would send them work.

She was already aggravated about the 30 percent of editing clients on her calendar who had spent their hard-earned dollars on self-proclaimed “editors,” so she formed Book Editing Associates with those four individuals in need of overflow work.

That lasted a week.

Lynda quickly formulated a copyediting/proofreading test, and all four failed. But with a testing process in place, and Lynda’s phone number still visible to all the world, the calls kept coming.

She met her editing deadlines during the day and reviewed tests in the evenings. After fifty tests, only one applicant passed the objective “find-the-errors” proofreading test. But some had other talents. It was now time to start thinking about “overflow” a little bit differently.

Baby Steps to Big Steps

By 2005, the network had grown to ninety freelance editors, and proofreaders. Book publishers trusted Lynda’s copy editors and proofreaders because word got out how tough it was to get into that category, which still has a 2 percent pass rate.

Developmental editors were required to have traditional publishing credentials. The standards have always been high, especially since self-publishing grew to such prominence. Book Editing Associates was never a pay-for-play editing group. It’s hard to get in, by design. (See Beware the Lowball: Why Different Editing Services Charge Different Fees.)


The network’s purpose remains the same:

  • We want to help you find the best book editor for your nonfiction or fiction book.
  • If you need proofreading, you’ll have direct contact with someone who actually passed a proofreading test.
  • If your aim is traditional publishing, you will work with an experienced book editor with traditional publishing experience.
  • Our self-publishing consultants can help you from draft to published, digital or print.

Reviews About Our Network

“Your network was a lifesaver after numerous previous disappointments and delays with indifferent/inexperienced editors.”

“The network was very useful in helping me source a Christian editor.” L. Blanch

“I never would have found my wonderful editor without Book Editing Associates.”

“The network returned my E-mail request immediately and informed me that I could expect to hear from several editors within 24 hours. I did! Very professional response. Three editors contacted me within 24 hours.They were each straightforward about the types of service they could provide. It was easy to find their profiles to sort through their professional writing and editing experience. I was impressed with each of their profiles in terms of breath of experience, writing skills, and professional involvement in the publishing world. Outstanding sample edits. It took me two long days of intense deliberation to choose one over the other. What a blessing to be offered multiple exceptional choices!” – Ralph Vardis

“I am a novice in the writing/editing/publishing market and this maiden voyage with your network overall was seamless, so much so that I have already recommended you to a colleague who has had nightmare experiences with so-called editors.”

“I wanted to thank you for providing an awesome pool of editors for me to choose from.” – Ryan D. Eldridge

“Great service, quick turnaround, tremendously helpful. Thanks to whomever runs the business, and thanks for hiring Val. Hope you’ll do whatever you need to to keep her happy!”

“As a first time author I was quite aware of the possibility of being taken advantage of, but it was quickly clear that the services provided were not only legitimate, but highly professional. The frightening process of handing my first book over to someone to edit was made much less daunting by finding your network to use, and then by being lucky enough to work with Marlo.”

“I offer a heartfelt thank you to Book Editing Associates for providing a mix of highly qualified editors. I was thoroughly pleased with Beth’s services.” – Michelle Richardson

“To my surprise, the network response was fast, and gave me several excellent options with regards to editorial services from which to choose. After careful consideration, I chose an editor that most closely related to what I wanted to achieve. I can honestly say that his work was both professional and timely. After having used other editorial services, those offered by Book Editing Associates was what I hoped all the others had been. I will use them again.”

“It seems strange to be writing this since I am a member of the network, too. But I know from experience on both sides of the fence that network members are always the best. We hired a copyeditor for these books through the network, and she is outstanding.” – Faith Brynie, editorial director, The Healthy Travel Company

“Network coordinator, I wanted to thank you for providing an awesome pool of editors for me to choose from.” – Ryan D. Eldridge, VP Business Development, Financial Freedom Controls

“[The network| was fast, efficient, and it put me in touch with the right people. I got responses from two editors within the day and was able to chose the one who fit my needs best.” – Tara Gorvine

“I was pleased at the speed of contact of the network, and at how well they matched my needs. They got my work into the hands of a consultant that handled my work not only professionally, but also gave me valuable insights and feedback.” – John DeJordy, Quality Assurance, RCN

“[H]e actually read what I was saying. In doing so, he was able to edit (by rephrasing, adding/deleting) my paper to make it more concise and professional. He returned my work quickly, and provided as much feedback and interaction as I needed. I would also add that I could have found a cheaper price elsewhere, but experience with on-line editing has taught me that getting the cheapest editing isn’t worth the money.” – G. Mahoney

“Thank you for the wonderful response to my query about editing my manuscript. The three editors I requested all got back to me within one day with kind and thorough bids. I appreciate that you made it so easy for me to contact these highly qualified professionals.” – Elaine Rhodes

“Lynda, I have had several responses, and they have all made great suggestions. Now the only trouble is choosing one. At any rate, I really appreciate your help. Because of you this very scary step was made with ease.” – Martha June Kirby

“Thank you so much for promptly forwarding my email to the various editors. I got some great responses. I’m looking forward to breathing some new life into my project. Your web site has been of huge service to me, and I’m grateful to you for that.” – Marcia Augustine

“With a couple a bad experiences under my belt, I was very impressed with your professionalism. The coordinator was most helpful. My editor gave the most prompt and comprehensive answers to all my questions, was always available for consultations, and returned the work BEFORE the agreed upon deadlines. Her sense of humor and patience, added to her most proficient editorial skills, turned this project into a most pleasant experience.”

“I am … pleased to have found such an organized association to search for an editor.” – Anita B.

“I cannot commend the network highly enough for the level of professionalism and customer service of its associates.”
– Martin Walker

“WOW! Talk about prompt, efficient and thorough service. It was a difficult choice; so much talent on offer. I am very impressed.” – Lee K. Curtis, Northern Correspondent, Wildlife Australia Magazine

“The network was easy to use linking me to a highly competent consultant. Nancy was the difference between completing my dissertation proposal and having to take two additional courses over an additional six months. This experience relieved most of the stress of the dissertation proposal process and saved me nearly $5000 of tuition cost that I would have otherwise incurred.” —Garrett Rathgeber, University of Phoenix

“Thank for guiding me towards a great person, someone I feel very at home with. Your level of service is 2nd to none.” – D.J. Churcher, UK

“You’ve already done the background work. We just have to pick one and go with it. So easy.” – Achuth Menon

“The site made it easy for me to have access to many experienced editors and then choose the one that best fit my work. It made me feel much more secure in my choice.” – Joshua LeBlanc

“I think this is a well organized editing group. Everyone I have been in contact with has been very knowledgeable and professional.” – Deneene

“Thank you for your email and professionalism, which is quite refreshing in these days of impersonal e-business. Thus far, your services … are remarkable! And I will be very, very pleased to recommend you to others here in Saudi Arabia where outsourcing of English material is very much in demand.” – RD Muslim

“If Linda is an example of the quality of people in your organization, then the services you offer are TOP NOTCH!!” – Debra Cree, utilities co. rep.

“Just a quick note to let you know of my very positive experience with two editors. Both responded extremely promptly to my original letter and to subsequent emails. Their work was of exceptional quality and I had a good, strong ethical sense from both, as well. They were consummate professionals. I had a difficult time deciding between the two. They both represented your service well!” – Bart Borsky

“I was extremely pleased with expedience of the network. Everyone was friendly, helpful, accommodating, and supportive. There was not one bit of the network I was displeased with or uneasy about from the first day I found the site.” – Joshua Miller

“I had a wonderful experience thanks to your service! Please keep up the good work.” – Marianne Bellotti

“Floyd did an outstanding job with my manuscript, his attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism surpassed my expectations. I could not have been happier with the final product, or picked a more qualified editor to work with. I’ll definitely be using his services again in the future.” – D. W. Naef

“I am currently working with Tim on my children’s book, and he is proven to be an absolutely OUTSTANDING editor!! I am thrilled you have brought such top-notch editing talent together into a one-stop-shop for writers!”

“I am most impressed with the network—and my consultant. The process is handled in a most professional manner, and the editing and suggestions were right on target.” – Eve Carr, freelance writer

“First I must mention that had it not been for the service I would not have found Michael and would still be trying to get my ms into a viable form. Your editor profiles were informative and the response times were very prompt. What he has done with my ms is amazing. At the outset of my project I had thought that my ideas and imagination were enough. Boy was I wrong! What Michael started with was a rough stone that he threw into a tumbler. What emerged was something more shiny and polished. I got so much more than a fine tuned ms; I got knowledge, and expertise that was willingly given. Michael took the time to teach me, to lead me in the direction necessary to become a more effective and efficient writer. I got more than I ever imagined in terms of the finished product. But even more than that, what Michael took the time to impart to me, to coin a cliché, is priceless. Working with Michael has been an experience that rivals the experience of writing the book. His eyes, his perspective and experience not only made my words better, it has made me better. I will now be able to embark on the next phase, getting my work published, with the confidence and knowledge that my ms is not only ready, but that time effort (and of course money) was invested to make it is as good as it can be.” – Thank you Michael, Mark Shaff

“I am impressed with this network. I wasn’t expecting such quick response. This system makes it possible for the client to pick the consultant who actually understands the meaning of the client’s write up. This enhances quality of the editing work.” — J. Cedric Woods, University of Connecticut

“I highly recommend this service.” Charles F. Williams, Supervisory Special Agent (Ret), U.S. Dept Homeland Security

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