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Our editors and writers need samples of the documents (or drafts) in order to provide cost estimates and answer additional questions. Please send at least 10 pages. We prefer the first few pages of your intro chapter and a section from the middle of your book.

To make the submission process swift and easy, cut and paste these questions and your answers into the body of an email. Send to: [email protected]. Remember to attach your sample.


First and last name:
Phone and email:
Description of the manuscript or project and services you’re requesting:
Word count of manuscript:
Deadline date (if any):
Do you want to contact a particular writer/editor? (up to 3):
What is your budget for the services you’re requesting?:


The sample is received by our coordinator and directed to the writers or editors you request. If you did not select a writer or editor, the coordinator will send your submission to several consultants who might be a good match. You will receive direct replies. We don’t assign writers or editors. The writer-editor relationship is close, personal, and intimate. Final selection is all yours.

Text or call if you do not receive a reply to your submission within 3 hours (M-F, 9a-5p Eastern): (682) 747-6999. We also return calls on weekends.

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