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Ignatius and the Swords of NostawIgnatius and the Swords of Nostaw
October 2021

“Theodora Bryant from Book Editing Associates was the best developmental editor I could have asked for. She could always understand what I was thinking but struggling to put down on paper. Her guidance on writing and plot structure was invaluable, always urging me to put a bit more into the story, making it richer and deeper.”

—D. A. Mucci Author, Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw

Amazon #1 Best Seller 

Featured on Good Morning America

“A beautiful read.” — Robin Roberts

Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw on Good Morning America

I cannot say enough positive things about working with David Aretha. His editing was insightful, honest, and neither harsh nor delicate. Most of all I appreciated his suggestions and encouragement throughout the process. The experience was worth every dime.

Scott Malensek

I am absolutely sure I wouldn’t have gotten the publishing contract if it hadn’t been for Theodora’s evaluation and editing. What an enormous find she was for me!

Shayne Easson

Theodora helped get an acquisition editor and the COO of a publishing company excited about what they believe will be a artistically and commercially successful novel.
Marc Liebman

Floyd, My book is a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards!! I’m invited to the awards ceremony at the Javits Center on May 24th! I receive my medal that night!
Ian Fydell

Floyd did an outstanding job with my manuscript. His attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism surpassed my expectations. I could not have been happier with the final product, or picked a more qualified editor to work with.

D. W. Naef

Even among a team of highly proficient editors at the publishing house where I supervised him, David distinguished himself through his dedication, thoroughness, and genuine concern for each and every project that came across his desk. I know that he understands the value and power of the written word and also values the unique talents and perspective of each author.
Max Grigorev

Jagged Films has worked with SJ Sutton as a story consultant. She brings an experienced, critical, and intuitive eye to evaluating screenplays and books (fiction and non-fiction, for adaptation), assessing the strengths and weaknesses of key story elements such as premise, plot, structure, characterizations, dialogue, and marketability. Development is her forte, and she can be relied on to offer intelligent, insightful, and creative suggestions and solutions that insure a project reaches its fullest potential.
Victoria Pearman

It was such a pleasure working with Andrea Robb at Random House. She was always so very thoughtful in her comments, and the revisions or additions she suggested were always right on target. She knew what would be appealing to our audience. We couldn’t have asked for a better editor.
Ann Moore

Thank you for the wonderful response to my query about editing my manuscript. The three editors I requested all got back to me within one day with kind and thorough bids. I appreciate that you made it so easy for me to contact these highly qualified professionals.

Elaine Rhodes

He actually read what I was saying. He returned my work quickly, and provided as much feedback and interaction as I needed. I could have found a cheaper price elsewhere, but experience with on-line editing has taught me that getting the cheapest editing isn’t worth the money.

G. Mahoney

As a new author, I was anxious about finding a freelance book editor online. I am so lucky to have found Kelly! Besides being a complete professional, her insights into my novel were spot on. From eliminating weak verb use, filler words and quantifiers, to her style sheet with plot, setting and character summaries, Kelly Lynne Schaub’s input helped turn my work into a much stronger novel.
Gwen Gardner

Stephen helped me take a wandering, unfocused, dreary manuscript and transform it into a fun and interesting read. His coaching and restraint greatly improved my writing style, concentration, and understanding of how to appeal to readers. He spent a great deal of time and effort with me, beyond my expectations for what I’d paid, making this a great value.
Steve S.

Outstanding sample edits. It took me two long days of intense deliberation to choose one over the other. What a blessing to be offered multiple exceptional choices.
Ralph Vardis

This maiden voyage with your network overall was seamless, so much so that I have already recommended you to a colleague who has had nightmare experiences with so-called editors.
Suzanne M.

The site made it easy for me to have access to many experienced editors and then choose the one that best fit my work. It made me feel much more secure in my choice.
Joshua LeBlanc

I’m very fortunate to have had Stacey take on my project. She exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could have imagined.

Catherine Dix

You’ve already done the background work. We just have to pick one and go with it. So easy.

Achuth Menon

Beth Bruno was exemplary on every level. She was affordable, ahead of schedule, available always, concise, thorough, dependable and unfaltering. She guided me from manuscript to published novel.
James S. Duey

Carrie was indispensable for the birth of my memoir. She helped me to not only tighten my writing but also improve the structure of the narrative.
Jid Lee

How much do I love Stacey Donovan? Let me count the ways: professional, industrious, intelligent, sensitive, encouraging, communicative, supportive, precise, punctual thoughtful . . . and she led me to publication of my fiction and non-fiction books.
Peter W. Yaremko

Karin never wastes words. Her writing is professional, approachable, and engaging. She is able to distill any concept into plain language that is a joy to read. I trust Karin immensely as a copywriter and editor.
Sea Chapman

Ann Howard Creel’s work was exceptional, thoughtful, and thorough. She helped me to better develop my character emotions, conflicts, descriptions, and the overall narrative.

Jeff Will

Ed Levy, I am grateful for the hours you spent making this a first-class piece of work. You have set a gold standard that would be hard for many others to reach.
Mary Kim Schreck

Thank you for guiding me towards a great person, someone I feel very at home with. Your level of service is 2nd to none.

D.J. Churcher, UK

Caroline is a superior editor. She did a remarkable job pointing out difficulties with dialog and narrative flow.


WOW! Talk about prompt, efficient and thorough service. It was a difficult choice; so much talent on offer. I am very impressed.

Lee K. Curtis

Don White is a hero. Period.
Ira Silverberg, Senior Editor, Simon and Schuster

Poetry is a piece of my soul, and Marie seemed to understand that wholeheartedly.
Joshua Handville

I wanted to thank you for providing an awesome pool of editors for me to choose from.
Ryan D. Eldridge

I am most impressed with the network—and my consultant. The process is handled in a most professional manner, and the editing and suggestions were right on target.
Eve Carr

Your web site has been of huge service to me, and I’m grateful to you for that.

Marcia Augustine

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