Iggy, fifteen-years old, was good at three things…

…science, witty retorts, and running from a fight.

Is there anything worse than high school?

When his clever, peace-making verbal volley failed, and the guy pulled a switch blade, Iggy took off. The locket he wore warmed up. Suddenly, he wasn’t in Susquehanna, PA anymore. Before he could gather his wits…

 …someone had tackled him.

Pinned on the ground, his assailant bade him to be quiet. Something was going on just up ahead. A horrifying-looking knight in black armor and a strange looking creature were locked in battle.

 The knight won.

His foe, a large dog-bird beast, lay dying. Iggy sensed evil had won. When the man let him up, they eased forward to check if it was dead.

With its dying words…

…the warrior gave Iggy his swords.

And thus, the adventure began.

You’ll love this YA fantasy that’s perfect for child or adult, because in the World of Skye they need a hero. And Iggy might be the one they’re looking for, even if he’s not so sure.


“D.A. Mucci does such a great job of creating a universe that is entirely fantastical yet believable and relatable. Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw has an almost Harry Potter-ness to it in that we are guided into this world through the eyes of a character who is learning of it the same as the reader and who is a character very similar to its target audience. But, it is also entirely different in a good way. I have honestly not taken to a fantasy novel as much as this one in quite a long time. The author is an excellent storyteller and writer.”

—Kate Leboff

About D. A. Mucci

An Emergency Room physician for close to forty years, Dr. Mucci found that the pandemic brought forth new horrors in the ER.

Writing this fantasy story about Ignatius became an enjoyable escape for him from all that was happening in the real world. 

D. A. Mucci
Theodora Bryant

Edited By Theodora Bryant

“Theodora Bryant from Book Editing Associates was the best developmental editor I could have asked for. She could always understand what I was thinking but struggling to put down on paper. Her guidance on writing and plot structure was invaluable, always urging me to put a bit more into the story, making it richer and deeper.”

—D. A. Mucci

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