In this true story, a former priest asks Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene his unresolved questions about the Bible, the church, and new age spirituality. Yeshua and Mary’s answers—channeled by Mercedes Kirkel—are the embodiment of love, humor, and enlightened wisdom. Yet even as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene answer the former priest’s questions, they lead him to what’s beneath his queries: his inability to get out of his head and into his heart. Experience Yeshua and Mary showing the way, brilliantly and persistently, as they did two thousand years ago.

Edited by Joya Stevenson

“The process of editing was like polishing a stone from a rough rock into a shining gem. The book came to life. It’s so much what I hoped for! I also liked that the book got shorter without losing its message or story. Yay! Thank you so much to Joya and Book Editing Associates for all your help and support. It has made such a difference.”

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