Action Novels and Military Fiction Book Editors

A great “action” novel will keep readers flipping pages. Action fiction is a literary genre that includes spy novels, adventure stories, mysteries, and tales of terror and intrigue. Each of these genres requires similar elements of fiction—and each is a challenging task.

A strong action novel will feature a protagonist with a deep backstory whom we empathize with and hopefully grow to love. This hero faces a conflict that becomes more complicated, more dangerous, and seemingly insurmountable as the novel progresses. Fueling the conflict is a persistent nemesis who seems undefeatable.

Brisk, crisp prose with energized action verbs is often required to keep the story’s engine running. So too are multidimensional side characters, vividly drawn settings, and appeals to our emotions and senses—sights, sounds, smells, and feel. Whether traditionally publishing or self-publishing, reviewers will notice and remark about the pacing, the dramatic climax, and the resolution—the essentials of a great action novel. If you didn’t hire a professional editor and/or proofreader, they will also notice typos and narrative grammar mistakes. If your dialogue is grammatically correct, they’ll point that out as well.

Military fiction has a special challenge. A large percentage of military fiction readers are current or former service men and women. Military service itself is based on careful adherence to rules and procedures, and such readers expect military novel authors to be meticulously accurate. Our military editors are well versed in the vernacular and terms of the armed forces, and they are laser focused on accuracy and consistency of style and spelling.

Completing a publish-ready novel is a monumental effort, and you can’t do it without professional help. Team with Book Editing Associates in your quest to fulfill the book of your dreams.

David Alan

David Alan

Line editing, copy editing, content/developmental editing, proofreading, query letters

DAVID ALAN has edited more than 200 books and authored nearly 100 books for 30 publishers, including St. Martin’s Press, HarperCollins, Lyons Press, Random House, Running Press, Warner Books, Total/Sports Illustrated, and Scholastic.

His books have generated more than $20 million in revenue and have appeared on the Today show, The Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. His rating on is 4.2, based on more than 3,000 ratings.

Ginny Rogers

Ginny Rogers

A thoughtful and compelling approach to content, stylistic, substantive, and developmental editing

Ginny Rogers works with you to build on the emotional heart of your story. She helps refine your unique storytelling style to expand your memoir from a recitation of events and facts into a compelling personal narrative.

I know my manuscript is better because of you and your skills. Even more, I believe no one but you could have made it as close to perfect as you have done. Ginny, it’s amazing. The work you’ve done is exactly what I had wanted, and I am thrilled.
~ Kevin Barhydt

Ginny’s edits weave together themes that enhance the nuances of individual events and create an effective flow, while still maintaining your own voice and style. Her outside perspective allows her to emphasize critical components and identify weaker elements in the context of your story.

Your expertise in developmental editing improved the manuscript beyond creating a better flow of the content. It was your attention to details that polished my words, clarified my thoughts, and simplified a complex story.
~ M. Lynette Hartsell

Polish provides luster, adds richness, and enhances beauty. It works on fingernails, shoes, furniture, cars, and your words. You can focus on ideas and follow your inspiration, and let Ginny provide the polish.

The changes you’ve made make me look like a better writer than I am.
~ Helen Huang

Ginny has been editing in a variety of genres and contexts for more than 35 years. Finding the right words is her passion. Her goal is always to help you make your writing the best it can be by offering professional feedback on style, tone, development, and flow in addition to word choice. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are second nature to her.

Fiction and nonfiction: academic, action/adventure/thriller, Christian, biography/memoir, children’s, historical, LGBTQIA, literary, religion/spirituality, romance, science fiction/fantasy, self-help, young adult

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