New authors, and experienced ones, too, occasionally need information about copyright infringement, scam publishers, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­self-publishing companies, literary agents and publishers, and legal terminology for agent-writers contracts.

I have had to deal with all of that during my years as an editor. Here’s what I’ve compiled as of January, 2018. It changes all the time (except the law).

Literary Agents, Acquisitions Editors,


Copyright Infringement

(aka “somebody’s stealing your stuff”)

Middle-man Self-publishing

Production Companies

I don’t necessarily recommend any of the companies listed (except Mill City Press and My Word Publishing), but the information and comparisons all have value. I included the list on Wiki because it breaks down the wording of the differences between these companies.

Self-publishing Research

  • The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, “Everything You Need to Know About the Costs, Contracts & Process of Self-publishing,” by Mark Levine. Bascomb Hill Publishing Group, 2011.
  • Top Self-Publishing Firms, by Stacie Vander Pol. Pacific Publishing Studio, 2011.

Do-it-yourself Books on Self-publishing

  • How to Self-Publish Your Book Using Microsoft Word 2013 (A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing & Formatting Your Book’s Manuscript & Cover to PDF & POD … Including Those of CreateSpace), by Edwin Scroggins. Strawberry Lane, 2013.
  • Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book, Volume 2, by Dan Poynter. 2009. Para Publishing, 2012.

Note that one of the most important aspects of self-publishing is how you market your work for success. Neither of these address that issue.

Websites for Writers

Predators and Editors. I used to check out this site all the time if an author asked me what I knew about such-and-such publisher. The site is currently undergoing reconstruction.

Until then, I refer you to the following:

Note that the P&E/Critters Annual Readers Poll will run as usual in January.

Theodora Bryant

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