2020 Nautilus Book Award Winner

Most of us have felt trapped at one time or another in an addictive cycle. Some of us may feel currently trapped. Whether we turn to substances, alcohol, food, screens, sex, people, thought, or compulsive behavior, the suffering of addiction is no stranger.

However, what if addiction was more than just its overt forms such as substance abuse, gambling, etc? Addiction is not only as black and white as it is portrayed. When we deeply explore our addictive patterns, we discover at their core a natural yet unconscious resistance to the present moment. The forms this resistance can take—which appear in the unique ways that we reach for, push away, or numb ourselves from fully experiencing this moment—are infinite in number.

The Hidden Gifts of Addiction shines an uplifting and redemptive light on healing from addiction. Each chapter introduces an important facet of recovery and invites the reader to discover for themselves, through an embodied meditative inquiry, the spiritual and psychological gifts hidden within the territories that we avoid when we numb ourselves from what scares us most.

Through this process – grounded in self-compassion and understanding – you can discover a way of dancing with your addictions where wisdom can ultimately be revealed. The energy of addiction is revealed to be life energy. Once it is reclaimed, it can profoundly enrich your relationship with yourself, and with the people and world around you. Instead of trading one addiction for another you can discover a way of being that is freeing and life affirming, even amidst craving and challenge.

From a contemplative tradition, The Hidden Gifts of Addiction presents a ‘direct path’ of recovery in simple, non-esoteric, practical language. For instance, it shows mindfulness not only as a technique to be applied in recovery, but also as an already present quality of who you are. It is both timely and timeless, responding to the vital need of meeting the public health crisis of addiction in compassionate, creative, loving, and life affirming ways.

Editor: E. M. Levy

“Ed Levy is a rare gem. When you work with Ed you get more than just an excellent editor. He is at once a teacher, a master of his trade, and a person with much depth of professional and practical lived experience in the genres he serves. As an indie author, Ed worked with me throughout all stages of the editing and publishing process. The book would not be what it turned out to be without him.

Ed is personable, responsive, and made sure that the editing process resulted in a finished product that I was happy with. Working with him helped me to bring my writing voice more clearly. I feel very fortunate to have found him, and hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

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