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The Writing, Editing, Publishing Roundtable is a forum for writers and editors to meet and discuss writing, editing, traditional publishing, and self-publishing.

You’ll find this group to be a safe and nonjudgmental venue for novice writers, published authors (traditional and self-published), and professional book editors and proofreaders who are part of the Book Editing Associates network.

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Come network with other writers, professional editors, and published authors. Get the writing and publishing advice you’re looking for in a supportive group.

Our Professional Book Editors

Updated November 25, 2018

DAVID ALAN has edited more than 200 books and authored nearly 100 books for 30 publishers. His edited books have earned more than $20 million in sales.

AMELIA BEAMER is a critically acclaimed and agented novelist and former Locus editor with knowledge of both the craft and the business of science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing.

LINDA BENNETT edits APA dissertations, business documents, novels, short stories, poetry, religion, and philosophy books.

BETH BRUNO is an Indie Book Awards judge and developmental editor of fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children. She helps her clients with query letters, book proposals, and submissions to literary agents and publishers.

THEODORA BRYANT offers developmental and line editing services for romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery novels. Her authors have garnered “Book of the Year” and “Winner” awards in romance categories.

PEGGY CAMPBELL‘s clients have earned New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Choice Outstanding Book of the Year, and National Jewish Book Award recognition.

CARRIE CANTOR offers developmental book editing, critiques, manuscript assessment, and ghostwriting services. She has edited 200+ books for major publishers and independent authors.

STACEY DONOVAN has edited or ghostwritten dozens of published books. Two became New York Times Bestsellers. She edits young adult books, and co-authored Red Shoe Diaries erotic romance series with Zalman King.

MARLO GARNER is the editor of numerous published children’s books and an author, illustrator, art director, and science writer/communicator. She also teaches various writing and revision workshops.

JOAN GIORDANO has edited or proofread hundreds of award-winning published books—children, middle-grade, and young adult fiction, nonfiction, adult fiction and nonfiction, biographies, and personal memoirs.

KARIN CATHER is a book editor and trial lawyer in criminal law and child welfare. She offers expert editing to writers of crime fiction, thrillers, and detective novels.

CAROLINE HILEY is an award-winning novelist. She edits novels, novellas, short stories, and memoirs for traditional publishers and independent author, and also helps writers with the self-publishing process.

DAVID HENDERSON has worked on 100+ manuscripts that have landed publishing deals. He edits dissertations, screenplays, novels, self-help books, memoirs, Christian, and spiritual writing.

ANN HOWARD CREEL writes and edits contemporary and historical children’s, young adult, and adult literature. She has seen one of her novels made into film and has won numerous literary awards.

JEFF KARON (PhD, English) edits and proofreads poetry, creative nonfiction, biographies/memoirs, novels, short stories, articles, self-help books, business reports, proposals, dissertations, theses, and websites.

JOHN DAVID KUDRICK copy edits Christian fiction, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and contemporary fiction.

FLOYD LARGENT edits history, anthropology, and speculative fictionscience fiction, fantasy, horror.

JEFF LAURENCE, PhD edits scientific and technical documents. He also helps graduate students with statistical writing and dissertation editing.

E.M. LEVY has received multiple writing awards. He offers developmental editing and copyediting for religion, biography, public affairs, spiritual, memoir, and alternative medicine books.

KENDRA LUND specializes in books on the spiritual end of the self-help spectrum, along with professional how-to guides, memoirs, and fiction.

KELLY LYNNE is the proud “auntie” to over 150 sold/published novels, novellas, and short stories. She edits romance, science fiction, fantasy, and stories of psychic or supernatural phenomena.

HOLLY MONTY is a nonfiction book editor, dissertation editor, and self-publishing consultant. She is an expert in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, LaTeX, and APA Style.

ANN AUBREY earned graduate degrees in English literature and fiction writing. She has 30+ years of experience as an indexer, ghostwriter, and editor. She works with fiction, medical, technical, academic, and scholarly material.

ANDREA ROBB has edited New York Times bestselling books and award winners. Her specialties include literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, young adult novels, science fiction and fantasy, horror, paranormal, erotic romance, humor, new age, and spirituality.

STEPHEN SEVERN is an award-winning ghostwriter, screenwriter, editor, and writing coach. His credits as editor include six #1 bestselling books and twenty-five international award winners. He specializes in children’s books and Christian fiction and nonfiction.

JOYA STEVENSON writes and edits within the broad area of religion, spirituality, and the Bible. She works with original thinkers, inspired visionaries and mystics, theologians and biblical interpreters, researchers, and academics.

SJ SUTTON is a book editor, script and screenplay writer, and television and film industry veteran. She has worked for DreamWorks, Disney, Showtime, Lifetime, and HBO. Her expertise includes children’s books, young adult novels, and adult fiction and nonfiction.

CAROLINE T. has edited 400 novels, including 3 New York Times Bestsellers. Her genres include romance, women’s fiction, thrillers, and mysteries.

MARIE VALENTINE is a former acquisitions editor. She offers copy editing and proofreading services and helps with publisher submissions. Her specialties are literary fiction, romance, GLBT, and mystery novels for children, young adults, and adults.

DON WHITE edited 6 New York Times and Los Angeles Times Bestsellers.  Among the notable writers he’s edited are Gore Vidal, Edward Albee, E. Lynn Harris, Edmund White, and Samuel R. Delany.

THOMAS WRAY is a veteran book editor and writer, with four decades of full-time work in book publishing, focusing on Christian books. Clients include Richard Blackaby, Tony Evans, John MacArthur, and Andy Stanley.

About Book Editing Associates

Formed in 1998 to help protect writers from self-proclaimed “editors” and “proofreaders,” the Book Editing Associates network exists to connect writers with highly qualified freelance editors and proofreaders and to screen out the unqualified. Writers and publishers can find award-winning and bestselling editors of fiction and nonfiction in the Book Editing Associates network.

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