Sean Eliot Spillane

Sean Eliot Spillane

Sean Eliot Spillane

Developmental Editor: Biography, Memoir, Christian, Spiritual, Self Help, Psychology

Sean Eliot Spillane is an experienced writer, developmental book editor, and psychotherapist whose passion is to "edit life stories" for the most powerful impact of your message.

As a freelance editor for Winepress Publishing and individual authors, she has developed and line-edited over four hundred self-published books, fiction and nonfiction.

Working in-house at Multnomah Publishers in Sisters, Oregon, Sean conferenced with authors and marketing team professionals to flesh out each writer’s expertise, story, and unique message, then to perfect the back cover copy and press kit materials for book marketing.

She helped create campaigns to support book launch promotions, including that of NYT bestseller, The Prayer of Jabez, in 2004.

Books edited, partial listing of over 400 titles:


  • Seized for His Glory, Brenda Robinson
  • A New Desire, Brenda Robinson
  • A Victorious Life, Brenda Robinson
  • It Is Finished, Brenda Robinson
  • The Whispers of God, Donna Fitzpatrick
  • A Chivalrous Man, Gary M. Dilby
  • Becoming People of the Kingdom, Louis Michaux
  • Rekindling God’s Glorious Presence, Neil Eric Blair
  • Dream Believer (proposal), Steve Gutzler
  • Seven Ways Family Businesses Destroy Themselves, Evan Hanson
  • When Duty Calls, Carol Vandesteeg
  • Conquering Your Hidden Kingdoms, Rocky Morris
  • The Dead Sea Conspiracy, James Fitzpatrick
  • See How Jesus Used Power! Gerald H. Ihle
  • AVENUE-For Women, Manual, Susan Allen
  • AVENUE-For Men, Manual, Clay Allen
  • The Secret of the Garden Prayer, Donna Rice
  • Growing Love’s Garden, Robyn Wiseman
  • Dying for Love, Pastor Perri Roberts
  • Visions of America/Visions of Faith, Timothy Harner
  • Faces of Faith, Cynthia Taueg
  • Unusual Topics in Scripture, Dr. Robert McNeill
  • Refreshing Hope: A Mother’s Journey, Judy Dippel
  • Thinking With the Heart, G.L. Dighton
  • I Don’t Know You [GOD] Well Enough, Deloris Armstrong
  • I Have Been Young, Gail Ott
  • Jonathan at Bat: A Season in Oncology, Pam Martz
  • A Cup of Good Water, Fran Eachus
  • Life Can Begin at Forty, Pastor Sidney Akerblom
  • The Biblical Classroom, Bob Stewart
  • Guide Me through This Barren Land, Vicky Caswell
  • The Art of Debt-Free Living, Deborah Nayrocker
  • The Circle of Heaven, Katheryn J. Page
  • A Light Unto My Path, Carma Naylor
  • Give It to Her! Healing and Restoration, Sandra Chaney-Mizell
  • Cradling My Heart, Cindy Zompetti
  • Epiphanies, Greg Hadley
  • The Soul Factor, Shelley Maurice Maier
  • From Welfare to Faring Well, Phyllis M. Williams
  • God Signs, Donald A. Henderson
  • American Patriots in Prayer, David Hamer
  • I Am Right Here, Deborah Lawler
  • A Touch of Jesus, Janet Burton
  • Growing Up Yanaimo, Mike Dawson
  • 100 Shining Moments with God, Greg Hadley
  • Where Loss Leads On to Love, Katheryn J. Page
  • Eternal Embrace, Shirlee Simpson
  • The Chronicles of Pine Springs Series, Kristie Self
  • The Fortress of My Heart Series, Kathleen Ann Marchand
  • Winter Wind: A Year of Poetry, Tom Despard
  • Sunrise on Kusatsu Harbor, Dan Maloney
  • Growing Love’s Garden, Robin Wiseman
  • Canadian Pacific: Creating a Brand, a Nation, Marc Choko
  • The Soul Factor, Shelley Maurice Maier
  • Snap DC: Your Guide to Awesome Photos, Angela B. Pan
  • Pathways to Godly Self-Love, Shelley Maurice Maier


“I had the pleasure of working with Sean at Multnomah Publishers. Having Sean in my group was a pleasure because I could always count on her to do more than expected, and to do every task with a smile on her face. Anyone considering working with Sean is in for a treat. Not only will she go out of her way to help you with your journey, Sean will also be a life-long friend.”

—Bill Mintiens
Multimedia Reporter

“Sean is a very positive, energetic, empathetic individual with a strong work ethic whom I would recommend for any job. She will come through for you, as she is dependable and competent.”

—Linda Sherman, MBA

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