A U.S. Special Forces team, code-named Reaper, is hunting insurgent leaders in the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan when it discovers an ancient artifact.

Revered by the local tribes in myth and legend, the relic disappeared from sight two thousand years ago. The Pashtuns call it “Persian Blood” and ownership bestows the mantle of legitimate and undisputable leadership upon its owner.

A prize worth fighting for. A prize worth killing for.

The harsh winter storm provides a rare opportunity and the local tribe risks everything to possess the relic, with Reaper caught in the middle, neither understanding why they are being attacked nor how they can escape the trap. Betrayed by one of their own, out of water, and running low on ammunition, the team is first hounded, then besieged, and only true understanding of what it is they carry will see them through this mission alive.

The war in Afghanistan has always been complicated. It’s just become even more so.

Edited by John David Kudrick

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