Life is hard for Sharkey and the other scrappers in Lawrence.

After the Great Oil Crisis the Earth became a hot, wild, dangerous place. Those that could reach the portals left the planet long ago. Those left behind live a desperate and brutal existence, surviving on the bones of a ruined civilization, fighting and killing each other in a world taken back by the earth.

But Sharkey has hope. Can he and his band of followers make it through the Nothing alive? And if they do, will they find the salvation they are looking for?

Nothing is Beautiful is a post apocalyptic western sci fi story of love and friendship, terror and loss, and fierce determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity. You will not soon forget this compelling and original book.

About Ray Harris-Keim

Ray Harris-Keim grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, enjoying fantastic and fantastical adventures with supportive, creative parents, driving around thinking up new worlds, new characters, new stories.

When not writing or on horseback she tends tend to her exotic snakes.

Nothing is Beautiful is the first of a trilogy; book two is coming soon!

Ray Harris-Keim

Ray Harris-Keim

Karin Cather

Edited by Karin Cather

“Before I met Karin I was struggling to find an editor who really understood the unique experience I was trying to give my readers. So many editors before her tried to correct the quirks that I had written into my stories, and therefore tried to erase the very aspects of my book that I had spent so long writing into them.

Karin not only understood the kind of story I was trying to write, but she expressed her adoration of my work in a manner that made me feel good about myself, and excited to write more. She got involved with the characters, the plot, and the corrections that she made to both the flow of my story, and the characters themselves, was instrumental in bringing the book to life.

I am content to say that working with Karin was one of the best experiences I have had with someone in her field and I would recommend her any day!”

—Ray Harris-Keim

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