Kendra Lund

Kendra Lund, PhD, is a book doctor, book editor, author, writing coach, and publishing consultant.

Kendra specializes in books on the spiritual end of the self-help spectrum, along with professional how-to guides, memoirs, and fiction. She is a passionate advocate for authors with a message that inspires positive change in our lives.

As a book doctor, Kendra serves mainly first-time authors who want to share their wisdom and experience by writing a book, especially professionals in the self-development field. Publishing a book helps authors to make a difference by reaching a wide audience. For the professional, a book is a virtual passport as it opens the door to new career opportunities. Kendra also enjoys working with novelists who want to take their writing to the next level. She offers highly intuitive support to bring out the greatest potential in every book and author. Whether working on a subtly nuanced fictional narrative or a practical guide to spiritual wisdom, she respects the integrity of the author’s unique voice and vision.

Besides wearing the editor’s hat, Kendra offers private coaching sessions for aspiring writers. She also enjoys working invisibly behind the scenes to ghostwrite books for clients. As a publishing consultant, she offers proposal writing assistance for authors who want to submit a book to trade publishers. For authors who decide to publish independently, she can oversee the manuscript preparation and pre-publicagtion process to ensure a high quality professional book that rivals the trade industry standard.

Widely experienced from a life in the book world, Kendra first worked as an editor at a Boston publishing house back in the days of typewriters. She went on to teach literature and publish literary criticism as a faculty member in the Department of English at Indiana University, and served in the writing program at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. Kendra left academia to reinvent herself as a design writer, publishing a book on contemporary home design, and soon discovered her calling as a “New Age” book doctor. Recent projects include a channeled book of wisdom and a guide to healing with osteopathy.

Book Editing, Writing, Coaching, and Submission Services

  • Manuscript critiques for fiction and
  • Copyediting
  • Developmental editing
  • Writing, co-writing / ghostwriting (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Book proposals
  • Book design and publishing support

New Age / Spirituality

  • Self-development guides
  • Inspirational journey / memoir
  • New thought / conscious evolution
  • Holistic medicine
  • Metaphysics
  • Sacred design
  • Esoteric wisdom
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Fiction with a metaphysical element

Writing Capabilities

  • Conceptual and structural editing
  • Rewriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Collaborative book projects
  • Fully referenced manuscripts
  • Literature reviews
  • Journal articles (academic/trade)
  • How-to guides
  • Book proposals
  • Fiction writing

Writing Coaching / Publishing Consultation

  • One-on-one writing & editing sessions
  • Manuscript assessment
  • Conceptual and structural revision
  • Work on voice and style
  • Craft of writing (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Proposal development
  • Author platform

Books Edited


Will Irons, The Possibilities of Oneness: Doorways to Life’s Deeper Meaning, Wonder, and Joy (Wellspring Publishing, 2018).

Sanders Joseph, An Invitation to the Dance of Life: A Channeled Tale of Growth and Awakening (2017).

Everyday Miracles: Moments of Healing and Transformation (Quiet Fire Press, 2016).

Berit Stover and Beth Mund, Living Beyond Fear: Sacred Letters from the Afterlife (2019).

Susan Marie Kelley, Susan’s Mystical Adventures: Down-to-Earth Wisdom from My Spirit Guides (forthcoming).

Jason Mitchell, Sharing Presence (forthcoming).

Diane Zumer, The Mystery of You: A Guide to Discovering Your True Self (forthcoming).

Leslie Fierling, Say Yes to Saying No! Set Your Boundaries for Success (2013).

Memoir/Inspirational Journey

Lindsay Wincherauk, Driving in Reverse: The Life I Almost Missed (Austin Macauley Publishers, 2017).

Ginney Marshall-Frye, Going for a Ride: A Journey to the Heart’s Calling (2018).

Peter Fisher, The Madrona Point Story: A Vision for Peace on Orcas Island (2018).

Donna Fridrych, Reflections from the Glass Ceiling (forthcoming).

Professional How-to Guides

Robert K. Hall, This Old Building: A Practical Guide to Buying, Restoring, and Managing Historic Commercial Property (2016).

David P. Olson, Repairing America’s Broken Government: Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment (2018).

R. Paul Lee, The Cure for Common Medicine: Healing Through Osteopathy (forthcoming).

Fiction & Poetry

Dr. Lynn Latifah Hobbs, Alchemy of Awakening: Poems and Conversations from the Light (2017).

Cecilia Ulla Storhaug, Capri Diem, Love and Death on Capri (romantic murder mystery).

Robin White Turtle Lysne, Randine: Letters from a Midwife (historical fiction).

Chris Kroll, Winds of Truth (novella).

Tom Woodgerd, Bridge Island Journal (novella).

Richard Bisbee, Tilenika, Legend of Deo (fantasy novel; top-finalist Hampton Roads contest).

Bob Trask, Night Lady (murder mystery).

Jennifer Kelly, The Lower the Tide, the Warmer the Water (novel).


PhD in English Literature
BS in Fine Art

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