Kelly Sweet

25 years of experience as a copyeditor for science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels
Self-publishing consultant for independent authors
Author of four novels and one nonfiction book

You’ve spent countless hours crafting your story and building your fictional world—don’t let grammatical errors or other flaws break the spell. Kelly Sweet has provided copyediting for independent authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, from short stories to epic, multivolume sagas. She gives her authors the best of both worlds: a keen eye for editorial details and affordable rates.

An independent author herself, Kelly has experienced the author-editor relationship from both sides and knows how important your voice and style are to your manuscript. You can rely on her to make corrections and suggest improvements while keeping your voice intact.

Copyediting Services

Thorough copyediting ensures that your readers stay caught up in the story—not distracted by errors. Kelly will correct spelling and punctuation; make names (particularly important with science fiction and fantasy!), terms, grammar, and verb tense consistent; correct basic grammar errors; call attention to word repetition, awkward or redundant language, and overuse of phrases or constructions; and make suggestions for corrections involving heavily revising or rewriting sentences.

Books Edited



“I was very pleased with your level of editing…. In particular, your feedback on overused words and phrases jolted me into reviewing key scenes, leading to a much better sense of vibrancy overall. Your editing and responses to follow-up questions was lightning quick…. Whenever I had a question or needed a clarification on your editing notes, you responded within twenty-four hours with a thoughtful, complete answer. Great service.”

— Gregory Pettit
Dream Job and The Nightmare Maker (The Dreamwalker Chronicles)

“I was nothing but pleased with your editing services. You were thorough, professional, and prompt. This is very much a word-of-mouth industry, where professionalism is just as important as skill, and you were awesome on both counts. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone who asks.”

— Michael Coorlim
Bartleby and James

“To have another set of professional eyes on a manuscript is priceless and an indispensable asset…. The timeframe of the editing suited my needs perfectly; Kelly has never failed to come through for me. She has always been available to answer any questions I might have regarding the editing of my work.”

— Emilie Howard
Cold Hollow, Weaving the Web, The Maestro, Vengeance, The Butcher, and Season of Misery: Tales of Terrible Events

“The edit was exactly what I was looking for: sharp enough to cut away my mistakes and errors, but not so blunt as to take anything away from my story. The timeframe exceeded my expectations significantly. This has been one of the most pleasant surprises of working with Kelly.”

— Casey Calouette, Steel Storm
Hard Nova, and Cloak of War

“[Kelly] caught every one of my cursed homonym mistakes, reined in all of the wayward punctuation, made innovative and informed suggestions based on an obvious grasp of my characters’ personalities, slashed the superfluous adjectives to ribbons, and trimmed the fat down to the bone. I’d never been so pleased with an edit in all my life. Thanks to her diligent efforts, I was able to easily turn that shabby draft into a clean, polished, and positively resplendent final version.”

— Emily Thompson
Clockwork Twist series

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