Kelly Lynne Schaub

Paranormal Romance, Westerns, Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Psychic, Supernatural Phenomena

Kelly Lynne is the proud “auntie” to over 215 published novels, novellas and short stories, which have sold to Kensington Publishing, Carina Press, Cerridwen Press, Awe-Struck Publishing, Samhain Publishing, Wings ePress, Bradley Publishing, Damnation Books, and The Wild Rose Press as well as author self-published titles. These books have gone on to earn high praise from reviewers and readers, as well as multiple awards and contest wins. As an editor for The Wild Rose Press, she edited contemporary western and light paranormal romances, with heat ratings from sweet to spicy. Outside of romance, her fiction fortes include sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, young adult, and stories of psychic or supernatural phenomena.

Empathic about the “feel” of a story, Kelly provides suggestions so that authors may revise with their own style in mind, preserving the individual voice, while alerting authors to current trends in publishable styles. Developmental fiction editing requires an emotional investment in the work—an investment of time and effort that Kelly is happy to make.

Kelly has published over 100 non-fiction articles, four short stories, and two novels. She knows the hoops authors are expected to jump through and helps authors polish their submission packets. Query letters, synopses and professional quality formatting are as important as a well-polished manuscript.

Editing and Formatting

Style-sheet to track continuity, character traits, and plot aspects

Critique of story plot, character believability and setting

Verifying readability with Flesch-Kincaid mapping to keep Middle Grade stories in the 8-12-yr-old expected reading range for vocabulary and sentence complexity

Formatting for CreateSpace (Amazon print) and Kindle


“Kelly has a magnificent eye for detail coupled with an ability to find weak writing and weak ideas. She does not in any way change your intentions. Instead, she makes multiple suggestions for improvement in a straightforward, professional way. These suggestions will polish your manuscript into stellar final copy. She’ll deliver a fantastic edit in a timely manner–one that will keep you using her service over and over and over. She’s that good.”

—Patti Ann Colt
Author of Echo Falls, Texas series, Copper Canyon series, and Parson Corners series

Published works edited by Kelly include the following:


Kevin Chapman -The Japanese Dancer
Laura Ginter – How to Dance on the Moon
Judith I. Hill – The Equation
Deeba Salim – Urma: An Iranian Woman’s Pursuit of Her Lost Life
M.A. Street – The Hill, Crown Thy Good


Aramis Barron – A Bard’s Folktale series: Roaming Cadenza, Dustland Requiem
Paul Gillebaard – Moon Hoax, Space Hoax, USSR Hoax


Lee Darling – Just Out of Reach
Abby Quillen – The Garden of Dead Dreams
Patrick Wayland – The Jade Lady

Science Fiction

H. Peter Alesso – Lieutenant Henry Gallant
William Burnette – Jellyfish Blues
C.J. Fella – The Rise of the Black Hand: The Case Files of Thomas Morelli book 1
E.F. Geller – PNV: a Cocoon of Earth’s Metamorphosis
Zevie Gottlieb – Connor’s Gambit
Jay Gregory – Cry of the Phoenix
Mark Kingston Levin – 30th Century series: Escape
Rick Moskovitz – The Methuselarity Transformation
M. Pax – Backworlds Series: Boomtown Craze, Beyond the Edge, World on Edge, Precipice; The Rifters series: The Rifters, The Initiate, The Reader
Mark E. Scott – The Felinius Healer

Fantasy/ Paranormal

Conan DeMoe – Tribunes of Altward, Resolve, Brazen, Yolanda of the Fae
J.J. Dice – Lost in Pain: Hollow Wood 1
Dan Estes – The Paranoid Thief; Vampires: Don’t You Just Hate Them?; Charlotte’s Soul; Athina series: Lord Athina, Lady Athina, Mother Athina, Master Athina
Sandrine Genier – The Vampire
Blake Hausladen – Ghosts in the Yew
William Jarema & Joshua Belcher – The Secrets of UDA, United Dwarf Alliance Book 4: The Telling Tree
M.A. Street – Hands, The Third Life [unavailable]
Ralph Vardis – Path of Fire
Kimberly D. Woods – The Alcovian Chronicles: Dark Angel

Contemporary Romance

Sandra Bunino – Marooned with the Millionaire, Sara’s Smile [unavailable]
Patti Ann Colt – Echo Falls series: The Daddy Spell, The Sweetheart Dance, Kiss Me Goodnight, Christmas Magic, Boo & Lindy’s Matchmaking Adventure, A Winter Romance; Copper Canyon series: Cowboy’s Heart, Cowboy’s Sweetheart; Other: The Rock Star’s Sheriff
C.E. Hansen- – It’s a Crime
Michelle Howard – No Reason to Run
Isabel L. Martens – Best Laid Plans
C.L. Ullman – The Vetted Cowboy
Lily Vega – Going All In

Historical Romance

Lorelie Brown – Jazz Baby, Catch Me, Wayward One
Diane Drew – Scandalous
Carrie Lofty – Sundial What a Scoundrel Wants, Scoundrel’s Kiss, Song of Seduction

Paranormal Romance

Judith Ashley – Sacred Women’s Circle series: Lily, Elizabeth, Diana, Ashley, Hunter, Gabriella; Love & Magick Anthology: Sarah’s Ankh, By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Kate Baray – Spirited Legacy
Karla Brandenburg – Mist series: Mist on the Meadow, Gathering Mist, Rising Mist; Northwest Suburbs series: Living Canvas, Cookie Therapy; Other: Heart for Rent with an Option; Epitaph series: Epitaph, The Twins, The Mirror
B.C. Burgess – Mystic series: Descension, Impassion, Deception
Stacey Coverstone – Secrets of Seacliff House
Nadia Kim – Reflection
Isabel L. Martens – Nightflyers
Diana McCollum – Love & Magick Anthology: The Crystal Witch, Ghost of a Chance
Lesley Mitchum – Storm Crossed
Sarah Raplee – Blindsight, Love & Magick Anthology: The Golddigger, Enchanted Protector
Susanne Saville – Wicked Beloved

New Adult

Jill Knapp-Zitron – Chase

Young Adult

Sandra Desjardins – Sleeper Cells
Gwen Gardner – Givin’ up the Ghost
C.E. O’Brien – Unlikely Hero
Cindi Lee – The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past
Rebecca McCray – The Miyran Heir
Elizabeth Naranjo – The Fourth Wall
Cris L.P. Olsen – Pure Blood

Middle Grade

David Goodfellow – The Moon Lives Stage Left
Billy Phillips and Jenny Nissenson – Once Upon a Zombie: The Color of Fear
Kay Potter – I Hate Fairies!: the Adventures of Katie James


Dorcas Smucker – Tea and Trouble Brewing, Fragrant Whiffs of Joy
M.A. Street – Keys to a Spiritually Based Life: fifty tenets of a new faith


Kelly Lynne’s feedback helped me clean up some inconsistencies, helped my characters have more emotional reactions to situations, and validated the themes and connections I hoped my readers would see and feel. As a new author, this feedback was priceless.

—Emily K. Martin

“I was completely happy with Kelly’s work. Her attention to detail and honesty expressed were very much appreciated in the editing process.”

Derick M. M. Lewis

“I was happy with the quick responses from multiple consultants, and the fact that I got to choose a consultant based on his/her style of editing. I appreciated my consultant’s feedback on character development, as she made it quite clear what needed to be changed. Several minor inconsistencies within the story were also pointed out that I have missed through my many read-throughs. The positive comments also helped with my confidence, reinforcing the risks I took throughout the story.”

Mary Shotwell

“Kelly was very astute in what needed to be done with my manuscript. She was professional and courteous. She always had time for my many questions and I value her opinion immensely. I’ll definitely be asking for her help again on my second book!”

“The network was easy to use. Kelly was always friendly and personable and always responded to my emails in a punctual manner. I enjoyed her critiques and found them incredibly helpful. She was able to point out issues I never would have noticed, such as the age of my characters and how to bring the reader closer to the POV character. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking professional editing services.”

Caroline Johnson Hall

“Since this critique represented my first ever for a novel idea I had struggled with for years, my view on freelance editing inched closer to the skeptical side. My skepticism quickly evaporated after I received my sample critique from Kelly. Kelly did a superb job reading through my difficult manuscript. She noted many problem areas in my writing style and storytelling, and provided avenues toward clearing up those issues. I look forward to using the full critique to help my fundamental style and storytelling as I prepare to rewrite.”

“The whole process was very user friendly. The consultant provided a timetable when the contract was presented and completed the critique exactly when promised. Her greatest strength (and major emphasis) was on proper use of voice. In particular, she taught me the difference between contemporary third person voice and omniscient third person, helping me to stay in a single voice within each scene. This was very helpful in bringing the characters to life and maintaining reader engagement.”

Richard M.

“Kelly actually completed a few days ahead of schedule and gave me a good in depth review of the first ten chapters and an analysis of the remainder of the book. She came up with some really thought provoking observations which I really appreciated.”


“Everything promised was delivered. Kelly Lynne was a perfect fit for me. Her feedback and critical comments have guided me in changes to my novel I knew were needed. She pointed out minor flaws that might make a reader stumble. She included web sites so I would understand her comments for my revisions. All around, a positive experience.”

—Lee Darling
Author of Just Out of Reach

“Everything promised was delivered. Kelly Lynne was a perfect fit for me. Her feedback and critical comments have guided me in changes to my novel I knew were needed. She pointed out minor flaws that might make a reader stumble. She included web sites so I would understand her comments for my revisions. All around, a positive experience.”

—Lee Darling
Author of Just Out of Reach

“Kelly did a phenomenal job with her read-through and critique. She was very concise and thorough, unafraid to be brutally honest, and yet at the same time respectful and encouraging when addressing author’s weaknesses and strengths. All things considered, her contributions have significantly improved the quality of my work and I’d be more than glad to work with her again.”

—T. Aramis Barron
Author of A Bard’s Folktale series

“Kelly made me aware of important details that I’d overlooked and neglected to mention. Additionally, her stylesheet gave me an overview of the characters and settings within my manuscript. As a result, I am able to reexamine the importance of these elements and maybe even condense them. Having an unbiased opinion definitely is what I needed to focus on the bigger picture…writing a novel that gets readers emotionally involved in my characters and plotline.”
“…Kelly was able to assimilate to my [rhyming] style and apply useful suggestions accordingly, while still allowing my words to tell the story in the particular delivery and manner I intended.…[H]er advice on a key storyline issue led me to create one of my more favorite passages…I now have a tight and concisely written story. That is what I wanted and that is what I got. How often can you say that these days?”

—Tyler M. Thomas
Author of Black Armor and The Maiden’s Noose

“As a new author, I was anxious about finding a freelance editor online…I am so lucky to have found Kelly! Besides being a complete professional, her insights into my novel were spot on. From eliminating weak verb use, filler words and quantifiers, to her style sheet with plot, setting and character summaries, Kelly’s input helped turn my work into a much stronger novel. I would absolutely use her services again.” 

—Gwen Gardner
Author of Givin’ up the Ghost

“Kelly…used her extraordinary talent and pulled my best out of me. This was my first time using an editor, and I certainly struck gold. Kelly not only obviously knows what she is doing she was totally fantastic to work with. Her attention to each and every detail, and knowledge, surpassed my expectations…She went far above what I expected and did an outstanding job with my manuscript.”

—C.E. Hansen
Author of It’s a Crime

“I was very impressed with the level of professionalism from my consultant, Kelly Lynne.…I loved her insight and I know my story is better after she worked her magic. She was upfront and very clear about the entire process from the very beginning and she worked hard to make sure she met the deadlines she set.”

—Tera Shanley

“Kelly was a big help in finding ‘long-range’ errors in my novel manuscript and warning me of prose that harmed the reading experience. She gave suggestions in formatting, found misused words, and even did fact checking. I really appreciated her feedback – positive as well as corrective.”

—Patrick Wayland
Author of The Jade Lady

“Kelly…catches every detail of her client’s work and offers many helpful suggestions without altering the main story line. Her costs are reasonable, and she is very easy to communicate with…I highly recommend her to any writers seeking editorial services on a manuscript.”
“Kelly is extremely professional and honest. Both qualities were important to me when looking for an editor.”

—Brandon Jones

“Kelly has a keen eye for detail and an incisive editing style. She catches the tiniest goofs while maintaining a larger perspective on a story’s overall pacing and tone. When a verb isn’t brave enough or a metaphor isn’t clear enough, she pulls no punches. Kelly helped my drafts become polished, saleable manuscripts, for which I’m grateful.”

—Carrie Lofty
Author of Scoundrel’s Kiss

“Kelly [has] a good sense of humor and a tactful way of communicating, who relates to writers as equals, not underlings. With each manuscript Kelly has edited for me, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge about the craft of fiction writing.”

—Stacey Coverstone
Author of High Lonesome

“Working with Kelly was a pleasure. With professionalism and a touch of humor she pointed out errors and supplied suggestions and reasons for changes. In no way did she ever try to alter my voice or my vision for the book. I would love to work with her again on any manuscript.”

—Carolyn Smith [writing as Caroline Clemmons]
Author of Out Of The Blue

“Kelly’s editing made such a remarkable difference! When I thought “no!” I trained myself to try her suggestions each time and damned if they weren’t right – she gave professional advice and professional polish and never once stepped on my story or my voice.”

—Mae McCulloch
Author of A Single Tear

“Kelly focuses on the details a writer often misses: timelines, passive voice, and all those pesky odds and ends that might turn off a reader. Her recommendations never watered down my voice, yet managed to make my story shine! I’m grateful for her sharp eyes, enthusiastic approach, and professionalism at every step of the editing process.”

—Katherine Brandon
Author of Kismet’s Angel

“Kelly Lynne has a great attitude and was easy to communicate with.”

Christine Heckart

“I’m a retired lawyer in my 70s and embarking on my maiden voyage into the writing/editing/publishing world. Kelly Lynne’s advice and commentary, together with a personable manner, made her a professional fit made in heaven. She had admirable diplomacy skills that are rare in a business that sells criticism as its main commodity. I would recommend her to others seeking the gold standard.”

—J. Fimple

“Kelly Lynne was professional and knowledgeable. Her turnaround was surprisingly quick without sacrificing even an ounce of quality. Her comments were insightful and honest. I truly felt as though she cared about not only helping me create quality content, but also teaching me how to become a better writer for the next time. I enjoyed her style so much I even contracted her for a re-read after I finished making her suggested edits. On top of it all, Kelly has a sense of humor in her critiques and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is! She even included a few personal stories to help illustrate her points which added a level of personalization that went above and beyond. I loved working with her and highly recommend Kelly!”

Nicoline Steinert

“Kelly Lynne was great! She pointed out things that I was blind to and was able to put me on a path to figuring out where my book is really going.”

Kathleen Weldon

“The process of working with was straightforward, quick, and a very positive experience. All of the editors were courteous and had helpful comments on my sample even if I didn’t end up working with them in the long run. I really enjoyed working with Kelly. She answered all my questions thoughtfully and her responses showed she really cared about my work, the characters, and the story. Her comments allowed me to strengthen my manuscript and her edits have made me a stronger writer.”

“The network allowed me to shop among a number of network freelance editors and consultants. My manuscript editor came with references and compliments from three published authors. My consultant answered all my questions professionally and promptly. She conducted herself with the utmost of professionalism and brought knowledge and expertise to the literary field. She gave invaluable advice regarding my target readership, my target genre, and the essential components of writing a true love story. I would gladly refer her to anyone seeking a manuscript editor.”

Mark E. Scott

“I found you writing critique extremely helpful. It provides the clarity and insights I will need to meet my publishing goals.” 

H. Peter Alesso

“Kelly communicated with me as if I were a peer, without using false praise or hurtful commentary. She polished my manuscript and allowed the narrative to flow more smoothly. Her comments were educational as well; she explained why certain things work or don’t. My writing is now better, thanks to her explanations. What made me love her was her ability to immerse herself in my story as a reader. She recognized the spiritual, fantasy and speculative fiction elements present in my novel. Despite her years of professional level reading, she was able follow the story with fresh eyes. She wasn’t afraid to bring a personal element to her work.”

—Ralph Vardis
Author of Path of Fire

“Kelly was fabulous. She first took the time to read the book and understand the characters and plot before starting the edit. This allowed her to have a good understanding on how each character should be developed and displayed throughout the story, and gave valuable suggestions on how to do this. Kelly took the time to look up technical information to make sure the information was presented correctly, catching details I missed. I especially enjoyed her little comments that were both entertaining and insightful. I will definitely have Kelly edit my next novel.”

—Paul Gillebaard
Dream Access Books, author of Moon Hoax and Space Hoax

“Kelly Lynne[‘s] ability to help eliminate superfluous words and unnecessary character identification at the close of sentences in dialogue was superb.… As a first time novelist, I appreciated her ability to explain problems and to identify changes needed without sounding preachy. Most impressive to me was the short amount of time it took Kelly Lynne to wrestle four hundred and eighty three pages within the one-month timeframe agreed upon.…Kelly’s professionalism and genial nature made the editing process a joyful learning experience.”

—J. Hill
Author of The Equation

“Kelly is incredible. I wouldn’t use anyone but her. I think she’s selling herself short in her area of specialization. She may be more comfortable in certain genres of fiction, and for plot or content, but as an editor of syntax, sentence structure, word usage, and every other aspect of helping to define and create a readable text, she’s the best.”

—M. A. Street
Author of The Hill, Hands, and Keys to a Spiritually-Based Life: Fifty Tenants of a New Faith series

The network made it easy for me to find Kelly Lynne. She gave me really great customer service. I really believe that I have found someone that I am going to keep in my toolbox as I continue to become a seasoned author. She critiqued my first book during one of the busy times of the year, and did an impressive job. I would recommend her to any author looking to make their story the absolute best.

—Tamasha Harrold

“Kelly is knowledgeable in the genre. Her comments were frank, and also constructive and upbeat, without being condescending. Where the MS needed work or was deficient, she said so. She also recorded her positive reactions to the MS. I appreciated the LOL’s.”
“…Kelly Lynne was quick to respond, professional but approachable, and her price was more than fair. Her critique of my novel was very insightful; I’d put the book through four beta readers, but Kelly pointed out several areas that still needed clarification. As a bonus, I discovered she is also a writer, and I was delighted to find that I loved her book.”

—Elizabeth Maria Naranjo
Author of The Fourth Wall

“Kelly was a big help in finding ‘long-range’ errors in my novel manuscript and warning me of prose that harmed the reading experience. She gave suggestions in formatting, found misused words, and even did fact checking. I really appreciated her feedback – positive as well as corrective.”

—Patrick Wayland
Author of The Jade Lady

“As a new writer, I found Kelly’s comments, suggestions and overall critique to be invaluable. Her feedback not only helped me bring my manuscript to the next level but she also helped me become a better writer.”

—Sandra Bunino
Author of Sara’s Smile

“…Kelly was familiar with the genre of my manuscript and we totally connected. Her comments about my manuscript were insightful, well thought out, well researched and…her answers to my questions were thorough and voluminous…If you’re writing a paranormal romance, she’s definitely the editor to choose for your critique! She’s worth every penny!”

—Cris L. P. Olsen
Author of Pure Blood

“…My editor, Kelly Lynne, was a great asset. Apart from making the book’s wording ‘tighter,’ she turned my attention to many inconsistencies in the book, which would have surely confused readers. Kelly also helped me with describing the characters better – their motivation, personality, and even appearance. Our work together was always pleasant, and she always responded to my queries with patience.”

—Dan Bentsur

“Kelly Lynne’s editing skills are outstanding. In addition to her excellent knowledge of grammar and the fundamentals of good writing, she provided brief summaries of each chapter that I found invaluable. She pointed out gaps in story line and inconsistencies in characterization that kept us on track. She’s been a joy to work with.”

—Isabel L. Martens
Author of Nightflyers, 2009 CAPA nominee

“When I recall what [my award-winning] manuscript looked like the first time Kelly read it, I cover my face in embarrassment. Truly a sow’s ear that became a silk purse…I was writing on a higher plane by the time we finished.”

—Lynnette Baughman
Author of Love with a Welcome Stranger,, 2009 EPPIE winner Best Contemporary Romance and First Place, Single Title Contemporary, 2009 Write Touch Readers’ Award

“[Kelly] has a gift for finding weak spots in storytelling and character development. My rewrites were few, but each suggestion, even the one we debated, improved the story. I can’t wait to work with her again.

—Keena Kincaid
Author of Ties That Bind

“‘Editor’ is not a detailed enough job description to fully describe what Kelly does for manuscripts. Her title should be: ‘Human thesaurus/mistake-catching/grammar-watching/plot-strengthening/cheerleader of a gal who loves your book, loves you and always exceeds expectations.’ She works with you so that the finished product is still your novel…just better!”

—Dylan Newton
Author of Despite the Ghosts

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