Elena Vaya

Copyeditor and Proofreader

ELENA VAYA has more than 25 years’ experience as an editor, working with big publishing houses including Simon & Schuster and Macmillan, smaller boutique firms including Post Hill Press, and individual clients who self-publish. A former copy chief at San Francisco magazine and Yoga Journal, she has copyedited or proofread more than 100 fiction and nonfiction books in a wide variety of genres, and is skilled in Chicago and A.P. styles.

Elena is honored to have copyedited books by TV and radio personalities such as Spencer Christian, Jeffrey Lord, and Anthony Cumia; Hollywood insiders such as actress Marla Frees and manager-producer Norman Aladjem; political figures such as former president of Mexico Vicente Fox; renowned physician Erika Schwartz; and New York Times bestselling author Craig Hall.

An award-winning self-published author herself using a nom de plume, Elena can offer guidance and insight on the often confusing self-publishing and distribution process for both printed books and ebooks. She specializes in copyediting and proofreading books in the areas of business, biography and memoir, politics and government, self-help, and fiction but can work adeptly in any category.

Editor of More Than 100 Books


Skilled in Chicago and A.P. styles, Elena has a keen eye for catching typos, grammatical errors, and stylistic inconsistencies. While copyediting, she offers gentle recommendations to improve sentence structure and tone in addition to fixing any outright errors, while always staying mindful and respectful of each writer’s unique voice.

Elena also enjoys working with first-time self-published authors, and as an award-winning self-published author herself using a nom de plume, she is happy to offer guidance on the often confusing self-publishing and distribution process for both printed books and ebooks.

Copyediting and proofreading services include:

Eradicating typos

Fixing grammatical errors, including subject-verb disagreement, misplaced modifiers, and incorrect verb tense

Correcting punctuation errors

Hunting down stylistic inconsistencies

Checking proper names and trademarks

Suggesting options for tighter or cleaner wording, active voice, gender-neutral language, and more (optional)

Changing British usage to American (optional)

Checking line breaks and page breaks, page numbers, and formatting

Clients include:


Elena Vaya is…

“…a speedy, efficient, and thorough editor. She always turns around big projects in a timely manner, and her work is flawless.… I cannot recommend her enough!”

—Rebecca Toscano
Program Director, Taliesin Nexus

“…a top-notch editor as adept at wrangling copy as she is at handling tough deadlines.”

—Bob Sabat
Assistant Managing Editor, Barron’s

“…highly skilled and reliable. Her knowledge of grammar and her ease with line editing have been a major boost to our copy staff.”

—Elsie St. Léger
Copy Chief, TV Guide

“Elena took charge of operations way beyond her job description. There was rarely a need to ask her to do something, because she was generally ahead of me on things. Elena is full of ideas and enthusiasm, and these things enhanced the workplace tremendously.”

—Peter Jaskowiak
Editor, Macmillan Library Reference

“…one of my go-to editors. Incredibly professional, dependable, and thorough, she’s one of the only freelancers I trust with Tier 1 projects.… She’s an invaluable member of my freelance network, and I’m thankful for her hard work!”

—Rachel Hoge
Production Editor, Post Hill Press

“…a delight to work with. Elena is thorough, detail oriented and super fast—everything you want in a copy editor!”

—Erica Haims
Global Marketer

“…not only meticulous, resourceful and correct, but she follows up on her work—a lifesaver for our staff of two. I sincerely recommend her to you.”

—Mallorre Dill
Associate Editor, Luxe magazine

“…one of those exceptional copy editors who not only knows her stuff, but knows when to exercise her judgment: very smart, adaptable, conscientious and a true pleasure to work with.”

—Hugo Moreno
Managing Partner, McParlin Partners

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