In a dangerous and deeply patriarchal world, monsters lurk among humanity. Demons, shifters, vampires, fae and creatures beyond imagination carve out their precarious lives in a world where the strong prey on the weak and the only thing that matters is survival.

But amid the perils of the Otherworld, there are those with abilities beyond their wildest dreams. Powerful magic and strange immunities imbue the most unassuming of people. They don’t know it yet, but for these girls, they’re only just beginning to discover their true powers.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’re in for:

  • In book 1, Cursed Wolf,  Shifter Forrest has been trapped in her wolf form for years… What will happen when she finally turns back? As Forrest relearns how to be human, she discovers her powerful magic — but her pack and the brutal council both intend to hunt her down…
  • In book 2, Cursed Demon, She’s immune to magic – but that won’t save her. Accused of crimes she didn’t commit and hunted by an infuriated hellhound, Emma soon sees the perils of being human in a world filled with monsters…
  • Book 3, Cursed Vampire coming October 2021! Available for Preorder.

If you love riveting urban fantasy with shifters, supernatural creatures, and electrifying action which will keep you on the edge of your seat, then the Creatures of the Otherworld series is for you.

Edited By S. Maia Grossman

“Like most industries the publishing world is fraught with charlatans and people eager for your money. There are so many amazing editors or not so amazing. How do you choose? How do you find them? Will the person be genuine and easy to work with? Most importantly are they good at what they do? Recommendations are fantastic, but what standard was the manuscript before the editor gets ahold of it?

“When I first sent my sample—I was so embarrassed, I pressed send with a red face. Would they even want to work with me? As a newbie writer, why on earth would these editors want to edit my work? I got three excellent samples back.

“When you get reviews like beautifully written and well edited. Yeah, you know it is all thanks to your rockstar editor. An editor who I would have never found on my own.”

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