Why Book Editors Need Samples Before Quoting A Price

The #1 question we get is: “How much will it cost to edit my book?” Here's why book editors can't give you a blind price quote: The Writer Is English your first language? Did you ace every English class you took? Do you write in dialect or “proper English?” Are you a...

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Book Editing & Proofreading: Can You Trust Grammarly?

By David Alan Developmental Editor - Copyeditor - Proofreader - Writer Book Editing Associates ***************************************** The Grammarly App To see if Grammarly worked for book manuscripts, I put it to the test. I took 5,000 words of an unedited novel...

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How to Enter and Win Book Award Contests

Contest Tips from Indie Book Awards Judge Beth Bruno editin If you are a published author, whether published in the mainstream or independently, the marketing and promotion of your title(s) will be your responsibility. Unless you are a celebrity or are very well...

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6 Must-Have Scenes In Your Romance Novel

Writing a romance novel aimed at traditional publishing When you plunk down money or check out a title from a library, you expect certain reading parameters to be met. If you’re a prolific romance reader, you want to experience all of the emotional high notes at the...

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Book Review—The Dark Horse: A Walt Longmire Mystery

If you like crime dramas with a police-procedural slant, and you like modern Westerns with a noir touch, then check out this series about sheriff Walt Longmire, set in rural Wyoming. Here in volume five, Walt sets out to prove that a woman who confessed to killing her...

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