6 Best Young Adult Books Of 2019 … so far

My grandfather, my father, and my uncle wanted to be writers. My grandfather snagged the boat from Ireland and became a Boston shoe salesman instead. My father ended up a stockbroker in New York City, foregoing his novelist intentions. My uncle---my father’s only...

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How Your Book Editor Estimates Cost

Karin Graham You want to know how much your editing will cost and how an editor comes up with the estimate. But where does this estimate come from? It’s natural to want to know that bottom line immediately, but a professional editor can’t give you that estimate...

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8 Best Romance Novels (March 2019)

Caroline T. | Editor of Romance Novels and Womens Fiction The New York Times Best Sellers List A recent curiosity for how things were going in Romancelandia had me perusing a sampling of March 2019 bestseller lists. The New York Times has done away with the Mass...

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10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Book Editor

Even for those people who’ve established themselves with successful careers outside the publishing world, editing is a brand new and unfamiliar experience. For this reason, it’s important to find an editor whose experience closely matches your needs.

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Why Produce A Book Index And Who Should Do It?

Book Indexing Quiz Time for a quick test of your knowledge of back-of-the-book indexing. Would you say the following statements are true or false? 1. The index can be created by a computer. 2. Creating an index is a simple job. 3. A good index adds value to the book....

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4 Common Objections to Hiring a Freelance Editor

A professional editor is an objective, critical second eye that every author, especially one who is self-publishing, needs to ensure their final product is the very best it can be. The editing and proofreading process seems like an expensive undertaking, so many...

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