Beth Bruno

Developmental Content Editing, Writing Assistance, Query Letters, Book Proposals, Submissions to Literary Agents and Publishers

Fiction and nonfiction: adventure, children’s books, contemporary, education, humor, memoir/biography, mystery, romance and women’s fiction, historical, creative nonfiction, literary fiction

Beth has edited more than 350 fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, many of them now award winners.

Her favorite genres are: women’s fiction, YA (young adult), self-help, psychology, commercial fiction, mysteries and thrillers, science fiction, adventure, memoir, biography, humor, literary fiction, and general nonfiction.

Beth also offers reading critiques, which are less costly than line-by-line editing, and include: reading of the complete manuscript, plus written comments about structure, character development, plot, pace, reader engagement, tone, voice, clarity and richness of language, and overall marketability.

Beth Bruno, Ed.M., M.A., began her literary career 20 years ago as a features writer and editor. Her weekly op-ed column, “Stand Up and Be Counted,” became an instant hit when she invited readers to share their opinions about hot topics of the day and included them in her columns. In 2001 she published her first book, Wild Tulips, based on humorous and enlightening stories about raising children.

Another dimension of Beth’s experience has been judging for an international contest: The Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Winners in more than 70 categories receive cash prizes, publicity, constructive criticism, publicity, and referrals to literary agents and publishers.

Editing Specialties

Developmental and structural editing – analysis of coherence, arc of story, character development, dialogue, voice, pace, flow, transitions, and reader engagement

Writing assistance – to improve organization and clarity, enrich language usage, build emotional connections between characters and story elements in both fiction and nonfiction

Query letters and synopses – review for submission to literary agents

Book proposals – help writer develop this sales piece for nonfiction book manuscripts. To include intro, summary, author bio, marketing plan, comparative analysis of competition, and sample chapters.

Consultation about self-publishing – discuss steps to independent publishing: internal layout and design, book cover, e-books and POD (print on demand), promotion, marketing and sales.


Books Edited

17 Degrees North by Larry Seeley

A Place Far Away by Vahan Zanoyan (award winner)

Ashley of the House of Friesian by E.R. Swan

Beachmaster by John Benjamin

Blonde Today Bald Tomorrow by Stacy Weed (award winner)

Bold Moves: Jump to Outstanding Self-managed Action by Allan Milham and Shayla Roberts

Bountiful Creek by Steven Weissman (award winner)

Chasing Cobwebs by Blanche Lord

Cruising Connecticut with a Picnic Basket by Jan Mann

Daddy, Where’s Your Vagina? by Joseph Schatz

Debut by Lois Mathieu

Divine Betrayal by Graceann K. Deters

Do Not Disturb by Tanya Goodwin

Driving Lessons by Joan Gleckler

Explorer’s Cookbook and Travel Guide by Yvonne Addario (award winner)

Falling Into Place by Rita Ippoliti

From Where I Stand by Melodie Homer

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Larry Seeley (award winner)

How Harwinton Got His Middle Name by Linda Machado

It’s Simple by Michelle Richardson

Jagged Fate by Steve Santel

Keep Your Computer Alive and Your Sanity Intact by Daniel Uitti

Law and Justice in Everyday Life by Andy Thibault

Life on Altamont Court by Trent Pines

Making Your Home Senior-Friendly by Chuck Oakes

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This by Karen Klein

Morality: Whose Idea Was It Anyhow? By Charles Block

Murders at Brent Institute by Jerry Labriola

Network Like a Fox by Nancy Fox

Noah’s Diary by John Sciarra

Not My Mother’s Wedding by Maureen Chapdelaine and Kate Brennan

Pet People by Leslie Anne Schaffer

Postcards and Pearls – Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road by Gina Greenlee

Reduce Your Healthcare Costs Through Natural Medicine by Guy Daniels, M.S., M.H.

Requiem for Locusts by Wendy Parciak (award winner)

Serve and Folly by Howard Elgison

The Backwards “S”, Mikayla’s Story by Michele B. Colletti

The Bond$ of Friend$hip by Oscar Medina

The Cleansing Reign by Stephen Piechota

The Fire in Me by Naomi Beukes-Meyer

The Heaven at the End of Science by Philip Mereton

The Man Who Walked Backward Down the Na Pali Coast by Stephen McMillin

The Next to Last Drink by Lois Mathieu (award winner)

The Prisoner’s Dilemma by Melvin Charles Hathorn

The Rising at Roxbury Crossing by James Redfearn (award winner)

The Squeaky Wheel: An Unauthorized Autobiography by Brian Shaughnessy

Think and Act on Business Ethics by Barry A. Liebling

Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change by Stephanie South

To Sharazad . . . Wherever You Are by Paul Schwartzmeyer

Trouble in My Way by Patricia Hoskins-Saffold

Uncle Al Capone by Deirdre Marie Capone (award winner)

Why the Plum for Courage by Mary Ellen Sinclair



“On January 1st I like to mull over all I am grateful for, and one of the things I most value is having a remarkably good editor, one who is worth her weight in platinum! Thank you so much!” – Sandy Sperling

“Always prompt and timely. Beth provided excellent editing and commentary for my book series. A wonderful professional.” – Geoff Barkley

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the services I received. Within a day of submitting my work I received e-mails and sample edits from two editors. The choice wasn’t easy as both editors did a fine job. However, Beth Bruno’s comments and questions were more thought provoking for me so I decided to use her line editing services for my paranormal romance manuscript. My manuscript was 143k words, and over the next few months Beth and I communicated by e-mail, telephone, and we were lucky enough to have one face-to-face meeting. Beth always took the time to answer my questions thoroughly, and she got to know my characters something I feel is essential for a good editor. I am currently working on the next book in my series and when it is ready for editing I will definitely be using Beth Bruno again.”

“Beth was perfect for the job. She knew my genre well and gave me lots of feedback that was relevant and appropriate for what I was trying to do. She knew my market and readers. She went the extra mile to ensure that my book was the best it could be.”

“Beth Bruno responded immediately to my request for an editor. She is a paragon of professionalism. Timely and always follows up. Working with her continues to be a positive experience. She possesses keen insight and demonstrates genuine concern. Given the extensive nature of my manuscript, the price was quite reasonable. It is refreshing to find that old-school standards still exist.” – Wheston C. Grove

“Beth Bruno was exemplary on every level and at every stage of the process. She was affordable, ahead of schedule, available always, concise, thorough, dependable and unfaltering. She answered my every question on any topic and guided me from manuscript to published novel over the course of three years. She was deeply involved in every aspect and step along the way and always offered to do more! If you choose Beth to edit your manuscript, you will get a coach, confidant, collaborator and guide to help you weather the long, long journey to seeing your work in print. She was terrific, obviously, and I am grateful to have her as my editor and friend.” – James S. Duey

“Beth is a great editor. I entrusted her with my first book, and I’m glad I did. Since this was my first book, I didn’t know what to expect, not just from Beth, but from the experience overall. I was concerned that I would hand my manuscript (the product of my hard work) to a stranger and have it shredded. I received several editing examples from different members of this network, but Beth demonstrated that she really understood my story. Her edits were very helpful, without taking a chainsaw to my work. She was very timely in her responses to my questions and even made herself available on the phone to discuss the details of her bid and the proposed scope of her edit. I found this to be extremely helpful and ultimately awarded her the job. Not a single page was spared her pruning. She improved my writing without burying my voice in the process. Part of her services included developmental editing. I felt confident in the structure of my story, but she pointed out areas where I needed to break up a chapter and move some scenes around to make the story flow better. It was the type of critical evaluation I needed. The end result is a book that is very polished and ready for publication. I am very pleased that I selected Beth. I am sure the other editors would have done a good job as well, but I’m glad Beth edited my book and look forward to sending her my next manuscript. The next book she receives from me will be better written, simply because her edits are educational and she took the time to explain why she did what she did. It was an excellent experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”

“Beth is an awesome editor. As a novice author, I didn’t know what to expect from the editing process. I was afraid I would hand my manuscript over to a stranger who would silence my voice with her own but that was not the case with Beth! She quickly calmed my fears by demonstrating that she really understood my story and had ‘mastered’ the art of silencing her own voice while in professional editor mode. Her edits were simply fantastic; I found her recommendations sensible and educational. Beth was timely in her responses to my questions and concerns, and she made herself available by phone and email, for what feels like ‘24/7’! She was a dynamic ‘coach’ and was very ‘respectful’ concerning the ethnicity and dialects embedded within the content of my manuscript. And at ‘all times’, she made me feel like I was the ‘only’ client in her cyber office, which was priceless! She sent me two ‘edited’ versions of my manuscript. The first version contained visual edits to be accepted, and the second included her edits ‘accepted’ in order to provide me with ‘clear’ perspective of her guided path. Moreover, she was very efficient in pointing out ‘unintentional’ written errors which can easily occur in the chaos of creativity; such errors include inappropriate use of word tense and/or word usage (i.e., Their vs. they’re, etc.). Her professional ‘touches’ communicatively enhanced my manuscript without burying my voice in the process. And, after all is said and done, Beth gave me the confidence ‘I’ needed to move forward with the publication process.”

“Beth Bruno did a great job with my manuscript. She completed the work early and responded promptly to all my questions. She was easy to work with and did a thorough job. Her work was extremely beneficial. I would not hesitate to hire her again.” – Stacy Weed

“The process was very simple. Within hours of sending my first e-mail to the network, I was working with Beth Bruno. I felt Beth took the time to listen to me before broaching any manuscript changes, and when changes were suggested, they truly did improve the piece. She made wonderful suggestions regarding packaging and even did some research regarding contacts. All in all, I believe this was money well spent.”

“I offer a heartfelt thank you to Book Editing Associates for providing a mix of highly qualified editors. I was thoroughly pleased with Beth’s services. Not only was Beth efficient, thorough, and professional, she was extremely personable, intuitive and insightful. Her edits tightened the prose and elevated the novel to a more impactful piece effectively illustrating the power of the written word to resonate with the reader long after they’ve read the last word. From the onset, Beth exuded a genuine interest in my novel and understood its purpose. If there needs to be numerous eyes editing the copy, as some publishing houses prefer, Beth is the editor who will read the manuscript first. Additionally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Beth still takes a vested interest in my endeavor to publish my novel through conventional or self-publishing methods. I must also share that I enjoy her energy and tenacity since it resembles my own. Thankfully, we’re still in contact with each other.” – Michelle Richardson

“Beth Bruno is extremely professional, a clear communicator, and prompt, returning my manuscript a day earlier than expected. The quality of work was high and I found the entire process with her was effortless. I would definitely recommend her!” – Stephanie South

“Beth actually started editing my project ahead of schedule and finished ahead of schedule. She gave me good feedback which I appreciated. I wanted someone who would be honest and not just tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. Very satisfied.”

“I could not be more satisfied with Beth Bruno’s work. She is an encouraging, highly trained and experienced professional. She knows how to evaluate the quality of an author’s work and to know where writing needs to be improved or restructured. Her efforts on my behalf have extended far beyond her duties as an editor. I consider Beth much more than my editor now. She is my friend. I shudder to think of where I would be in my debut novel without her.” – Doug Massey

“My choice of consultants was Beth Bruno because she did a sample edit for me beforehand, that blew me away. We set a time of about 3 weeks for the project, but she surprised me by being done in less than two. Her changes and suggestions were brilliant and offered all that my manuscript needed to shine in the end. Beth has a wonderful eye for detail, her word choice was varied and she brought in a lot of her own creativity – while never at the expense of my own voice. Her feedback was substantial and gave me hope and confidence in myself and my writing skills. It was a pleasure to work with Beth and I am sure I will contact her again as soon as I finish writing my next novel.”

“I am particularly impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism, and the thoroughness of the editors’ responses to my initial request. It was hard to make a decision, but I decided to work with Beth because of her promptness and the quality of her sample edits.I am satisfied with Beth’s service. She is affordable, friendly, thorough, and has an eye for detail. Her suggestions are insightful. She is also efficient, completing her work well before our agreed deadlines.”

“Ms. Bruno’s work was timely, very thorough, and best of all I learned a great deal about writing from the changes she suggested, as well as her attention to detail. In fact I teased her about all her red marks on every page but one of a three hundred plus document. I was very pleased with her work.” – Peter D. Cimini

“I had the pleasure of working with Beth on the final edits/critique of my manuscript. Beth surpassed my expectations on every level. She is extremely easy to work with, timely, and provided valuable insight. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and hope to work with her again in the future.” – Joanne Kolebar

“I want to thank Beth Bruno for the spectacular job she did editing my fiction book, The Bond$ of Friend$hip, which has just been published. When Beth first received the manuscript, she understood what was missing and recognized the changes needed to improve the flow, characterization, plot, etc., of my novel. She had a keen eye for small details. Beth was also always very available to discuss suggestions, and she quickly came up with alternatives to solve the problems we encountered along the way. She guided me through the particulars of my novel to the final polished product. The result: A published book. I am almost done with my second thriller and I will hire Beth Bruno’s editing expertise again. No doubt! Thank you again, Beth, for everything, you did. To more novels together.” – Oscar Medina

“A couple of weeks ago I submitted a query to Book Editing Associates in hopes of being able to find an editor for my recently completed manuscript. As a result, I had the very good fortune of being introduced to Beth Bruno. In just over a week, Beth was able to completely edit the manuscript. In addition, she offered many valuable suggestions and insights. The results of her efforts have left an indelible impression upon my novel. Not only would I work with her again in the future, but I’d be inclined to solicit her assistance immediately upon completion of my next work. I found her attention to detail and patience with my litany of questions to be very refreshing. Beth is a true professional and a tremendous asset to the collection of fine editors working in collaboration with the Book Editing Associates. Thank you for directing my inquiry to Beth’s attention.” Steve Santel, Author of Jagged Fate

“I was extremely pleased with the editing job Beth Bruno did on my novel. She was timely, affordable and very capable. I gave her some leeway to do a little rewriting and she did not disappoint nor take liberties with the work. I will likely use her again and definitely recommend her.” – Michael Gray, HomeVestors

“I have been extremely pleased with the editing work by Beth Bruno … She has added not only correct grammar and punctuation, but she has brought clarity to many points with better sentence structure and helped a great deal with some passages that had a singsong like monotonous flavor. I would highly recommend her to other authors and hopefully she will still be doing this when I finish my second book.” – Gosta Iwasiuk, Cutting Edge Publishing

“Beth has been a pleasure to work with. She has provided me with a level of editing that I feel will help me see my novel into print. Beth has been very supportive with general comments and thoughtful suggestions about how I can make my story read more smoothly and intelligently. I am very near the end of my rewriting and feel much more confident in my success in finding an agent. I would be happy to recommend Beth to anyone in need of professional manuscript editing.” – Kenneth Teicher

“Beth Bruno is a great editor. She works quickly, with great accuracy, and a keen eye for character development and plot. Plus she is such a pleasant person to work with. I highly recommend her.” – Eleanor Herman Dyment

“Beth’s comments were exactly what I was looking for. My plans are to use all of her suggestions in rewriting my novel. Incorporating her edits will – I believe – turn my story into a good read. As long as I am writing and she is willing to work with me, I will ask Beth to edit my work.” – M. Dial

“I thought Beth was professional and friendly. I was impressed with her promptness, as well as efficiency. I also found her suggestions in improving my manuscript insightful.” – Becky Tust, writer

“Beth is a miracle. She not only gave me constructive feedback on my manuscript, she has proven herself indispensible in helping me understand the “process” by which agents review an artists work.and what I need to do to become more marketable. She is professional, personable and really made the effort to understand where I wanted to go with my work before beginning. Beth has provided so much more to me that just the ‘service’ of [developmental] editing. She is a credit, a wonder.and an asset to me as a writer. Bless you, Beth!” – Michela Hendrickson, writer

“After reviewing several editors for my mystery novel, I selected Beth Bruno. I readily clicked with Beth’s style of editing. She made it a better read. She is personable, as well as professional, and was always available.” – Tanya Goodwin


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