When you think of erotic romance, the number “8” comes to mind.

Another way you can look at 8, literally, is as a pair of 3s entwined, or a couple of 0s giving it a go. Turning 8 on its side reveals the symbol for infinity: ∞

Do all these titles promise you a happily ever after? That romance never fades? Not necessarily, but another way for you to look at 8 is that it represents infinite possibilities—as these titles do. 

My picks for the 8 best erotic romance novels of 2018:

The Silver Cage by Anonymous

Release me! Scores of female readers are devouring this fabulously written story which features a male/male take on love.

Open Me by Lisa Locascio

A sexually charged coming-of-age tale about a young girl discovering life and love abroad. Roxana is awakened by fantasies and pleasures with twenty-eight-year-old Soren. What makes this erotogenic story unusual, set in Denmark, is that it takes on the personal as well as political.

Criminal by Jane Henry and Loki Renard

A seductive collaboration by two USA Today bestselling authors who have created one compelling, mind-binding tale. For those curious to explore the popular BDSM world, this one is definitely for you.

Indecent Exposure by Tessa Bailey

The story of Jack and Katie’s whirlwind romance, full of sexy scenes with just the right amount of angst and sweetness to balance it all out.

Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

This is a classic portrayal of no-strings-attached sex that ultimately may get more complicated or develop into a full-blown romance—but that doesn’t mean it’s not dirty all the way through.

Fight or Flight by Samantha Young

Very satisfying enemies-to-lovers story. It may be a bit more flirty than fiery as far as erotica goes, but there are numerous descriptive sex scenes, especially on that steamy layover. The love/hate relationship between Ava and Caleb makes this novel sizzle in that love/hate way you adore, yet the story eventually takes on a sweeter tone.

Voyeur by Fiona Cole

Voyeur: A person who gets sexual satisfaction by watching sexual acts. This definition already sounds decidedly amatory, and the stakes are raised when you find out that Professor Callum is watching his freshman college student Oaklyn at Voyeur. This is a novel that combines a healthy dose of both sex and romance with flawed characters and a great voice.

The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reize

An 8-book series — “Great on every level. Taboo and delicious,” one passionate erotic romance reader and writer I know deems the series:

2018 featured these great 8. What’s upcoming in 2019? Umpteen possibilities.

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