Barbara Kimble

BARBARA KIMBLE has worked as a writer, ghostwriter, editor, teacher, coach, corporate communication consultant and journalist, and served as Writer in Residence at Tyndale House Publishers. She has written or co-written ten books, published more than 600 articles in the Chicago Tribune, and edited approximately 200 books for various publishers and authors.

Barbara has helped dozens of writers to prepare for the publication of their books, including both those who have published with traditional publishers and those who have chosen to self-publish, including teaching a six-video writing course for a publisher.

A true wordsmith with a love for the beauty of language and the power of ideas, Barbara aims for clear and memorable writing that includes the occasional touch of humor, if appropriate. She makes what’s complicated easily understandable whether when editing a book, writing a web article, or coaching authors.


Book Editing

With over 20 years of professional editing experience, BARBARA KIMBLE has edited hundreds of books that were later published and has coached authors through writing their first or subsequent books.

Author comments include:

“Your editing was beautiful and seamless. Thank you for asking the questions that needed to be clarified for the reader.” C. C.

Author Coaching and Teaching

Barbara has taught dozens of authors in writing and interviewing classes as well as writing for corporate newsletters and intranet sites.

She understands the challenges faced by authors at every stage in their careers, whether they desire traditional publication, self-publication, or a combination – or are working on their next best seller after successfully producing other books.

Barbara makes what’s complicated easily understandable whether it’s editing a book, writing an article or blog post, or coaching other authors.

Author and Ghostwriter

As Writer in Residence at Tyndale House Publishers, Barbara co-wrote three books for well-known radio personalities.

She has also written five other published books of her own.

Starved for Affection by Dr. Randy Carlson“I can’t say enough about Barbara’s work. She was charged with the task of pulling together the loose ends of this creative process in order to help make the final manuscript work.

She’s a fine writer and editor and ever so patient with an easily distracted author.

Thank you, Barbara, for contributing your skills to this project.”

—Dr. Randy Carlson
Author Starved for Affection

“Thank you for your thoughtful edits and for your patience and guidance. You made so many brilliant corrections and gave advice that made my book so much stronger.”

—M. R.

Editorial Services:

Developmental Editing

Sometimes called a content edit or substantive edit, this is a detailed analysis of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, with advice for increased marketability, as well as detailed suggestions and ideas for effective writing.

Barbara understands the excitement and fear involved in putting your ideas and thoughts out there for all to see in a book. She helps authors position their work for publication and express their unique voices and messages in effective and meaningful ways.

Barbara enjoys working with writers to make their messages the best they can be.


The copyeditor corrects written material to ensure accuracy and to catch errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and repetition, using track changes and comments to show changes.

Copyediting is done after content editing (developmental editing) and before proofreading.


A ghostwriter works with the author, using his or her material, notes, interviews, and conversations to partner to write the book in the author’s voice and presenting the material in a professional and engaging way.

Divine Healing Girl Power God's Words of Comfort Help Wanted Life According to Jesus


The Power of One Thing“I want to thank Barbara for her dedication in pulling together all my teachings on this topic, and then assisting me in shaping them into the book you hold in your hands. She spent untold hours helping to craft the final manuscript.”

 —Dr. Randy Carlson

“I must commend you for your detailed work and how you have used better verbiage to properly express and convey the message. You are really very good with English grammar and composing. I truly appreciate all your notes and ideas.”

 — M. Norton

“We just completed the content coaching phase. I was very pleased with my first draft, but Barbara made a number of insightful comments. Those comments got me thinking, and I ended up adding a chapter to the book. After completing that chapter, it became clear I had missed another subject, and ended up adding yet another chapter. At this point, I believe the two added chapters will form the heart of the book.”

 — J. Walraven

“Barbara not only made HUGE improvements but took the time to walk me through the suggested changes so I understood why it would result in a better final product. I learned a lot!”

— L. P.

“I appreciate the level of detail you put into the review. The balance of updating the book and words used is very good. Everything looks straightforward and clean and your decision concerning chapter order seems to be the right one too. And I appreciate your heart in your work, a lot.”

—J. Z.

“Thank you for your thoughtful edits and for your patience and guidance. You made so many brilliant corrections and gave advice that made my book so much stronger.”

—M. R.

“I am very pleased with the work you have done. I know this is your job but it is so refreshing to meet someone who obviously enjoys their work and can provide a quality product and professional feedback.”

—Rev. T. D. Harris

“As my editor, Barbara was so easy to work with and showed humor and good will all the way through.”

—Sandra Wakefield

“What amazing editing – I am really surprised to see the level of editing you have done. Bravo. Thank you so much for helping my family and me bring our dream a step closer.”

—Azlan Kamalludin

“Barbara was there every step of the way and a real joy to work with. I can’t wait till our next project. I couldn’t believe how much better Barbara made the final version! She exceeded my expectations.”

— Mary Ann K.

“I was always made to feel like I was Barbara’s most important client. A consummate pro! Barbara knows her stuff!”

—C. J.

“I have learned so much about writing from my experience with you as my coach.”

—M. M.

“Another good class session, full of valuable writing insights!”

—B. R.

“Thank you for your fine job. I felt you grasped what I was trying to say to other wounded men and the women in their lives.”

—C. M.

“I so appreciate all you have done to help us make books that are excellent, readable, and memorable!”

—A. B.

“Your comments were very insightful. We thank you for your honest feedback. Very helpful.”

—B. S.

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