Andrea Reed

Book Designer and Typesetter

Andrea is a book designer and typesetter with 20 years of experience working with traditional publishers and self-publishing authors.

Andrea has worked on hundreds of books for publishers including John Wiley & Sons, Addison Wesley Longman, and McGraw Hill, an 1,800-page book for the Office of the President, and many books for Smithsonian Institution.

Andrea sees projects through the design phase into typesetting and production, and prepares final files for the book printer or e-book distribution. She is also an expert at preparing and retouching photographs for black and white or color reproduction.

There are many online book retailers today, including CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Google, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Lulu. Publishing is constantly changing and adapting, but one thing remains the same: the basic rules of good book design and typesetting (also known as page layout and composition).

Andrea is currently offering free design services for books that she typesets.

Some sample book interiors from books that Andrea designed and typeset:

The following are some sample templates Andrea designed for new books:

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