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Lynda Lotman has earned a sterling reputation in the publishing industry—for good reason. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering business integrity have won her the respect of her peers and the admiration of scores of contented authors. Lynda rigorously tests all prospective editors seeking to join her networks and closely monitors client feedback so she can confidently assure authors looking for editorial help that they'll find only cream-of-the-crop editors, proofreaders, and writers in her freelance networks.

Lynda possesses impeccable credentials to head a team of top-notch freelance book editors. During her 30-year career, Ms. Lotman has acquired a deep understanding of the unique nature of successful author-editor collaborations. With her experience-trained eyes, passion for clean and fluid style, and rare ability to focus intently on the job at hand, she is equally well able to help shape a manuscript's "big picture" and fine-tune its small details (i.e., she knows just how much editing to do on a particular manuscript, when to make changes or merely suggest them, and how to enhance individual writers' "trademark" styles without violating them).

Added to her skilled editing, her extensive educational background in written English (and her congenital hatred for typos and other mistakes), Ms. Lotman's sheer love of good writing and her cordial people skills make her a conscientious yet easygoing project partner and Web site manager who's specially adept at matching up promising writers with the editors best able to complement their styles.

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