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APA 6th Edition: Book References

by Nancy Rosenbaum


Book titles are sentence-capped and italicized.  Any edition other than first must be identified in parentheses after the book title (not italicized).  Include both the city and state (or country, if not in the United States) of the publisher, unless the publisher is a state university.  Information identifying the publisher should be as concise as possible; do not include words like “Publishing,” “Publisher,” “Company,” and “Sons,” but do include “Press” and “Books.”

Smith, J. B., & Peabody, W. Q. (1984). Title of the book (2nd ed.). City, ST: Impressive Books.

If the book is an edited compilation of chapters written by other authors, list in the references by the authors (last name first, followed by initials) of the chapter of interest.  Include the title of the chapter in sentence-capped letters without italics or quote marks.  Note the editors (initials first, last name last). Identify the title of the book, in sentence caps and italics.  If other than first edition, include the edition number in parentheses after the title.  Identify the page range for the chapter of interest in parentheses after the title, introduced with pp. and not italicized.  Provide the location and name of publisher.

Smith, J. B., & Peabody, W. Q. (1984). Name of chapter. In A. N. Editor, Title of the book (3rd ed., pp. 123-145). City, ST: Fancy Press.