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Your book cover is the "sale or fail" first impression. The book cover and interior design/layout represents the best of you. After the months or years spent writing your book, you should put the same effort and care into the cover design. Our professional book cover designers offer the best in creativity and quality.

From creative concept to final press, our designers know how books are made—at the same time, they can create a visual design that highlights the subject of your book with original art that sets it apart from the competition.

Book Designers, Graphic Designers, and Illustrators

christian science fiction editorDAVID A. CATHCART is graphic designer and publishing consultant with over two decades of experience. He has also worked as an author and editor, and he co-founded two publishing companies, which means he is well versed in virtually every aspect of the publishing process, both print and digital.

David successfully self-published and distributed his first book way back in the dark ages before convenient desktop publishing programs and the Internet were readily available. Since then, he has written, co-written, edited, designed and published over 50 books, both fiction and non-fiction. He has also guided dozens of authors through the self-publishing process, taking them all the way from initial concept to marketing the finished product.

Whether you’re looking to publish traditionally or digitally, David can guide you every step of the way. He will walk you through sticky issues like copyright, ISBN numbers, cover design, picking the perfect title, finding the ideal printer or eBook platform, and writing compelling sales copy. As a veteran editor, David can also help you whip your manuscript into shape so you put your best foot forward.

Like it or not, people judge your book not only by its cover but also by how well the text flows inside. Designing a book is similar to designing a house. It’s all about choosing a focal point and then organizing everything else around that. The goal, as always, is functionality combined with elegance. The best design doesn’t draw attention to itself; it makes you forget about the design because you’re so caught up in the look and feel of the book, which instantly elevates the perceived value of the book’s content. As an author, editor and publisher, David brings all of these perspectives to bear on his design work, focusing on readability, saleability and aesthetic excellence.

Book Design Services

Interior book design and layout: David will help you create a uniquely beautiful yet functional style for the interior of your book.

Cover design: David designs some covers himself. However, seeing as your cover is vitally important to the sale of your book, at times he also brings in outside consultants who specialize in creating covers that pop.

Back cover copy: As a veteran writer and marketer, David can help you craft punchy back cover copy and an author bio that sparkles as brightly as the smile in your “about the author” photo.

Editing: Many authors are ready to go to press before their manuscript is. If David discerns this during the design consultation process, he will not hesitate to recommend having the manuscript edited before proceeding to press.

Self-publishing and print-on-demand consultation: Whether you’re trying to figure out how to get an ISBN or bar code, struggling to decide which printer to use or need someone to hold your hand as you go through the eBook publishing process, David can help you every step of the way, either for a flat fee or hourly consultation.

Email David to discuss your publishing/design/editing needs and to request a quote for services.


I am very happy to recommend David. He helped to republish two of my books and redesigned the cover and the layout. He did an excellent job. – Jeff Imbach, author, “The River Within”

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Services offered: Writing, Ghostwriting, Manuscript Evaluation, Developmental/Substantive Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Book Proposal Development


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novel book editor fiction editing ALAN JEFFRIES

A "book packager" is publishing industry lingo for a company or individual that handles all aspects of producing a finished book for a publisher. (This is a common practice with certain product categories, like pre-teen or niche non-fiction.)

While working as a contributing editor for an independent publisher, I basically operated as a one-man "packaging" operation: soliciting original work from an international roster of writers, editing said work, then art directing, designing, and typesetting the book, sending galleys to the writers and proofreaders, collaborating with cover designers, and finally working with the printer to achieve the best results. Even though it's complicated, it's also a lot of fun.

I am happy to offer these services to you; turning your finished text into a delightful book. You'll be involved you in every step of the process, so there won't be any surprises, just the fortifying glow of personal satisfaction.

[Note: I do not do transcoding for the various epub platforms—there are many fine service bureaus for that—though I can provide a pdf of the finished text for submission to Goodreads and other online book review sites. Publishers Weekly and the industry outlets require physical galleys, which you can have made a high-end copy shop, if needed.]

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Andrea is a book designer and typesetter with 20 years of experience working with traditional publishers and self-publishing authors. Andrea has worked on hundreds of books for publishers including John Wiley & Sons, Addison Wesley Longman, and McGraw Hill, an 1,800-page book for the Office of the President, and many books for Smithsonian Institution.

Andrea sees projects through the design phase into typesetting and production, and prepares final files for the book printer or e-book distribution. She is also an expert at preparing and retouching photographs for black and white or color reproduction.

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