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Book Editor and Writer
Rosanne specializes in children's and young adult books, fantasy novels, and Christian/inspirational manuscripts.

*** Rosanne is booking for October 2017 ***

On every job, Rosanne Catalano offers breadth and depth of knowledge as well as a passion for her work.

She will be your ideal reader, looking at your work from the consumer’s point of view and letting you know exactly how to appeal to your market. Thanks to her experience sorting submissions for a publishing house, she can let you know how a publisher sees your manuscript—and how to present your work in its best light.

Rosanne excels at working in your style. She can make your prose stronger, more active and more grammatical while maintaining the unique voice that you have created. She always strives to make the book all yours, only better!


Rosanne Catalano brings a lifetime of experience to every project. An avid reader since the age of four, she began to study the art of writing six years later and continued her training in creative and expository writing over twenty-five years, including courses with Johns Hopkins University.

In college, Rosanne was chosen by the faculty to be one of ten students allowed to tutor their peers on written work. This honor included a year of training in the art of teaching grammar and style, rather than just correcting it. Rosanne also has had the benefit of eight years experience in diverse office environments (a performing arts center, a medical manufacturer, an insurance company and a church, among others), giving her a wide range of knowledge and an understanding of many fields.

Since then, she has worked as a professional freelance editor for nearly ten years.

Language Skills

Writing Center Tutor, Washington & Lee University, 1993–94
One of ten students chosen by the faculty and paid to tutor peers in creative and expository writing. Training focused on teaching the writing process as well as correcting work.

Johns Hopkins University CTY Award, 1985
Perfect score, Test of Standard Written English. Three college–level writing courses in 1985–87.

Previous Employment

From These Roots Worked as assistant editor of the Reformed/Presbyterian Edition of Cook Ministries' Bible–In–Life curriculum, revised, edited, wrote, and consulted on content for quarterly teacher's manual.

First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, in Children's Education and Congregational Care for over two years. Duties included desktop publishing.

Medical Device Technologies. As senior customers service representative, gained extensive technical knowledge, assisted customers, maintained and ran reports from database with over 3,000 customers, handled international orders up to $100,000, and trained new employees in all these areas.

Lenfest Center for Performing Arts. Ran box office for entire season, filling subscriptions to series, developing and maintaining a subscription database, providing customer service and accounting for over thirty shows.

Camp Arrowhead. As a counselor, I took complete responsibility for up to ten campers (eight to fifteen years old) at outdoor Episcopal summer camp.  Planned activities, maintained safety, and taught outdoor living.

Editing Services

Rosanne offers professional-level knowledge of theater and related terms, holds the rank of black belt in wado ryu karatedo, and has a strong background in languages, including study of Latin (five years) and French (four years) and some familiarity with Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Welsh and Japanese.

Books Published/Edited

Presubmission Editing focusing on fantasy, science-fiction, young adult, young adult fantasy, middle grade fantasy, historical fantasy, Christian novels for all ages, Christian fantasy and more, including every level of editing from proofreading to copyediting and developmental editing. Projects include:

  • A Fair Soldier, Laura Stolmeier, Historical Fiction
  • A Mother’s Journey, Jennifer Scalise, Memoir
  • Adventures of the Book Battling Kids, Richard Brian Harvell, Waterwood Publishing Group, 2006, Young Adult Novel, Fantasy
  • Allie’s Angel, Sommy Hamm, Young Adult Christian Fantasy
  • Asulon, Bill McGrath, Fantasy Novel, Christian
  • Bertha's Heaven, Estelle Condra, Short story
  • Celina Finds a Dog, Estelle Condra, Children's Story
  • Cloud Country, Noah Klocek, Children's Story
  • Cry of Angels, Clifton Gilliam, Christian Scifi Novel
  • Death of Innocents, Clifton Gilliam, Christian Scifi Novel
  • Dream Catcher, Cindy Pitta, Legend
  • Evolutionary Theory for Christians, Richard Barker, Inspirational
  • Fever, Estelle Condra, Short story
  • Five Days, David Hitchner, Young Adult Novel
  • Gidden the Small, Greg Corte, Children's Story
  • Glass Girl, Laura Anderson Kirk, Young Adult Novel
  • Grandmother Clock and the Moondrops, Estelle Condra, Children's Story
  • Guardians of the Grimoire, Natasha Slight, Young Adult Fantasy
  • Heavenly Assignments, Kim Flewellen, Christian Young Adult Fantasy
  • Hellandback Teens: Be Careful What You Wish For, Laura Stolmeier, Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Hellandback Teens: Christmas Vacation, Laura Stolmeier, Middle Grade Fantasy
  • I, Bully, Josepha Kekedi, Young Adult Novel
  • In Moderation, Antonio Braccioforte, Children’s Book
  • Jacy Meets Betsy, Carol Edwards, Majestic Publishing, LLC, 2006, Children's Story, Christian
  • Journal of Goo-shu, Raymond Kilsby, Young Adult Novel
  • Letting the Easy Do Its Thing, Rafael Alvarez, Fictionalized Memoir
  • Lightman, Estelle Condra, Children's Story
  • Mermaid Tea, Cathy Finn, Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Never Death, Greg Hill, Horror Novel
  • New Mage, Jim Skretteberg, Young Adult Novel, Fantasy
  • Out of Egypt, Donna Bassette, Middle Grade Christian Fantasy
  • Potato Tall Tale, Estelle Condra, Children's Story
  • Runaway Lies, Sarah Tregay, Young Adult Novel
  • *Runt the Brave, Daniel Schwabauer, Clear Water Press, 2004, Young Adult Novel, Fantasy
  • Rylee’s Identity, Brandi Renfroe, Christian Children’s Book
  • Scotch Sours and the Thieves’ Underground, Brody Saunders, Middle Grade Historical Fantasy
  • Scotch Sours and the Poisonmaster’s Chalice, Brody Saunders, Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Servant of the Lich, Chris Wilmsmeyer, Fantasy
  • Southern Cross, Estelle Condra, Short story
  • Talking to Water, John Tkac, Middle Grade Fantasy
  • The Baby Who Wouldn’t Say Mama, Maggi Miller, Picture Book
  • The Duel, A.F. vonWening, Adult Short Fiction
  • *The Ghosts of Lone Jack, Lance Noel, Middle Grade Historical Fiction, Spinning Moon Press, 2008
  • The House of the Jaguar, C. Charis Coyle, Mystecha, 2006, Young Adult Novel, Fantasy
  • The Master's Craftsman, Carole Towriss, Young Adult Novel, Christian
  • The Rise of the Prince, M.G. Buehrlen, Young Adult Fantasy
  • Three Visitors, Shawn Andrews, Short Story
  • Touch, Sarah Tregay, Young Adult Novel
  • Traveler’s Rest, Sue Carter Stout, Adult Christian Novel
  • “When Is My Mommy Coming Back?” Kathy Unger, Children’s Book
  • When the Hurricane Comes, Kathy Unger, Children's Story
  • *Whispers From the Bay, John Tkac, Young Adult Fantasy, Southeast Books, 2008
  • Why Is Crater Lake So Blue?, Michael LaLumiere, Stagger Lee Books, 2007, Adult Fiction

*Award-winning books

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middle grade editormiddle-grade book agentsExternal ForcesGuardians of the GrimoireServant of the LichTalking to WaterThe Ghosts of Lone JackWhispers From the Bay

In-house Copyediting

  • Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Heidi, Johanna Spyri, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • White Fang, Jack London, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Kate Douglas Wiggins, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Pollyanna, Eleanor Porter, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Book
  • Guideposts for the Spirit: Stories of Friendship, Ideals Books, 2003, Compilation, Christian


  • "King George and the Ducky," Dalmatian Press, 2003, Children's Story
    (plus assorted VeggieTales and Scooby-Doo books)


  • My Favorite Bible Storybook for Early Readers, Carol Larsen, Dalmatian Press, 2003, Christian

Copyeditor, Dalmatian Press Adapted Classics, My Favorite Bible Storybook for Toddlers, the Home Learning Tools Series and various Coloring and Activity Books for major licenses;


Author biographies for Dalmatian Press Adapted Classics, Scooby–Doo Books to Color, Power Rangers Wild Force Never Give Up, VeggieTales Coloring and Activity Books, Strawberry Shortcake Coloring and Activity Books

Final Editor for the Shakespearean Criticism series, (ten entries), Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism (four entries), Literary Criticism 1400–1800 (four entries), Feminism in Literature (five entries)

Ideals Publications, Ideals Children's Books and Candy Cane Press – Worked as copyeditor for several children's books and adult compilations.

Feedback / Testimonials

"What an amazing journey it was to work with you, Rosanne! You helped me grow as a writer, and guided me along with such insightful tips. You helped me develop the story I envisioned, allowing my author voice to develop in its own way. You have a passion for what you do and it shows in your feedback. I look forward to working with you on my next project." - Natasha Slight, Guardians of the Grimoire.

"I couldn't be happier than I am with Rosanne. She was the perfect fit to edit my book, and amazingly insightful." - Cathy Finn

"Working with Rosanne was a pleasure from beginning to end. Her editing hit the mark and helped me tremendously.  She went above and beyond. I finished my first novel and I’m planning on consulting Rosanne earlier on the second book." - Sue Carter Stout

"This edit was far more than I could have asked for. It is smart, insightful, and forward, but never loses sight of the story. In an old Walt Disney term, it 'pluses' the story. Thank you so much." - Noah Klocek, Cloud Country

"I cannot say enough about how great working with you was. You read my work, could see my intent and did not try to comprise its integrity. Your willingness to not get in the way of the story and your professionalism helped make my book just as I had envisioned it! I would highly recommend you to anyone that has a special piece of work needing a special editor. Again, thanks!" - Cindy Pitta, Dream Catcher

"Your work has not only stood up to scrutiny, but I know that without your enlightenment I would have never gotten to where I am today." - John Tkac, Whispers from the Bay

"You did a terrific job editing my manuscript. Your comments were insightful and in many places pointed to problems I would not have discovered on my own, no matter how many rewrites I did. Also, you finished the job on time. I appreciate your professionalism and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others." - Daniel Schwabauer, Runt the Brave (Clearwater Press, 2004, Ben Franklin Award, 2005)

"I am very happy with your editing. Even though I don't always agree with your comments, I can tell that you are a critical thinker. The grammatical changes were just what I needed as well. I was also very impressed with your intelligence (i.e. the genetics, the gull-wing, etc.). YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF!!"
- Clif Gilliam, Death of Innocents and Cry of Angels

"I think it's amazing how much difference the editing makes to the feel of the story." - Jim Skretteberg, New Mage

"I'm so happy you finished the work on time, and it looks so good and so well edited. I really appreciate your suggestions and the help with the developmental editing. I thank you again for helping me. You did a superb job! I'm so grateful. I have no regrets for choosing you." - Jay Kedal, I, Bully

"Rosanne, you are truly amazing! Your work is just outstanding, and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to edit my book.  I was so excited to read the finished product and your recommendations were right on point." - Thank you, Kim Flewellen

"Rosanne is not only a gifted editor, she also provides a wealth of topical knowledge, which made her my novel’s secret weapon. My partnership with Rosanne helped me become the writer I wanted to be. I thought I was pretty good before I met her. Ha! Nowhere close. Now I not only have an editor in my corner for all my future endeavors, but I’ve made a valuable friend. Thanks, Rosanne!" - MG Buehrlen