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More than a decade of editing experience has shaped Marie’s commitment to thoroughness and consistency, as well as to meeting goals and deadlines. Her editorial work ranges from conceptual and developmental brainstorming to copyediting and proofreading, as well as the nitty-gritty of print and Web production.

She is an honors graduate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities English and Spanish programs and holds a master’s degree in communications from Marquette University. She has worked in acquisitions and production for the renowned new age book publisher Llewellyn Worldwide. She has also served as a news editor and writer, business technology editor, poet and small press publisher of experimental works by contemporary writers. By working with diverse groups, Marie has cultivated a professional attitude of respect for others.

Under Marie’s eyes, your writing will be treated with the utmost care. Marie will strive to retain your intent, tone and meaning at all times. Your voice is your own, and Marie will make sure your work retains it. She will make your writing the best it can be, so that your message is unmistakably clear. Marie can help you achieve a finished work in which you can take pride.

Marie will use her knowledge in literature and nonfiction to clarify your thoughts with minimal alteration. She is open to experiments and will adapt easily and quickly to your perceived vision and goals. A flexible editor with a light touch, Marie will help your prose shine while keeping your personal style intact.

As reporter, I have conducted research and interviews, contributed story ideas, and generated innovative reporting approaches for daily, weekly, and monthly publications. I have revised my work with an editor to meet deadlines. I have written regular columns and cultivated relationships with sources. I have supplied related photos.

As book editor, I developed, designed, and copy edited fiction and nonfiction books. I secured all legal copyrights and permissions and was responsible for fact-checking content.

As editorial assistant, I translated documents from Spanish, reviewed manuscripts, counseled authors, and processed contracts. I chaired a weekly meeting of acquisitions, marketing, and editorial groups. I formatted manuscripts for production, hired expert readers, collected book reviews, prepared mailings and updated databases.

Books Published/Edited

Types of writing accepted for review by Marie:
Book categories: literary fiction, creative nonfiction, plays, screenplays, poetry, short stories, novellas, essay collections, textbooks
Other writing categories: Articles, student papers and scientific reports, publisher submissions and proposals, website copy consulting

Marie’s areas of specialization:
English and Spanish literature, business & IT, spirituality & religion, journalism and communications, cultural studies psychology, ecology/botany, contemporary art & art history, women’s studies, anthropology, psychology, sociology, linguistics, philosophy

To inquire about Marie’s availability for your project, please request her by name in our contact form.



Published nonfiction edited by Marie:

  • Love Your Body Now! by Maria Bucaro
  • The Body Sacred by Dianne Sylvan
  • Projects and How to Survive Them by Klaus Tumuscheit
  • A Writer’s Bucket List by Dana Sitar
  • Offering to Isis by M. Isidora Forrest
  • Living Gnosis by Tau Malachi
  • Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future by various authors
  • Color Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster
  • I Ching for Beginners by Mark McElroy

Published fiction edited by Marie:

Marie has edited numerous manuscripts by authors who self-publish, list available on request.

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Book Editor Reviews

"I read a few of the bios and was convinced that I could find the editor I needed through the network. Marie was so great to work with. This was my first time working with an editor. She was extremely professional, yet had a very down-to-earth way of communicating her editing opinions. I feel like my voice remained fully intact. She just brought everything to a different level." - John Ethier

"This editor was outstanding!" - Cliff Stearns

"Marie was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was my first time having a story professionally edited and I am so glad I chose Marie. Not only was she done far ahead of what she expected her deadline to be, she was extremely supportive and constructive. She tells you from the get-go what she considers your strengths to be and what she'll be able to help you improve on. All her feedback was extremely helpful and inspirational and will not doubt improve my overall project. She never alters your voice coming through the writing and rarely asks you to remove anything from your project. Only move things around or reword to help with pacing or something of the sort. There was only one instance where she recommended I cut a large amount of text, however I knew going in that it was most likely going to be removed because it was, admittedly, unnecessary. She was unbelievably helpful in walking me through this process and her services were well within my price range. I will definitely look forward to working with her again!" - Gabe Mesquita

“I really enjoyed working with Marie. She was professional and clear and kept her deadlines. Her edits and comments were on point and did not alter my voice. I look forward to working with her on future projects.” – S. Stephens

“This is exactly what I wanted. I have worked with editors before, and the changes they made usually didn’t work very well for me, but yours are just perfect. It is a gift to improve a text according to the author’s personal style and rhythm. I am happy I picked you.” – Miron

“Marie Valentine has an eye for detail and a flare for originality in highly technical writing. It’s no mistake that she was the final oversight for many submissions of news, features, commentary and informational pieces in her years at Information Management magazine and website. Marie is a consistently curious reader and a stylistically solid editor, and she is an excellent, timely communicator of those unique skills. As she introduced me to the niche writing world of business intelligence, Marie passed on to me and others important daily writing insight and content resources, with both patience and grace. There is no editing or writing opportunity in which I would doubt Marie’s capabilities.” – Justin Kern, associate editor, Information Management

"Working with Marie has been wonderful. She provides consistent work with a positive attitude. She points out strengths and weaknesses and evaluates what can be done to turn those weaknesses into strengths. She was easy to reach, returned e-mails within 24 hours, and met each deadline (twice was early). I look forward to working with her again in the future!" (Contact info on request)

“Your edits were superb! I liked that you were able to make corrections which enhanced the feel of the chapter without compromising the original voice of the story. You’ve been awesome!!!  I definitely feel like I made the right decision working with you. ” – Demethius Jackson

“From start to finish Marie  was absolutely amazing! She delivered exactly what was promised and then some. The finished copy of my manuscript looks flawless. Marie was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with her again.”

“Marie displays both an administrative flexibility and the ability to meet unforeseen challenges, as well as a real capacity for making the editorial interventions that discriminates between true quality and mere excess. The vast array of projects she has taken on over the years stands as evidence of her willingness to experiment with new possibilities. The projects that Marie has tackled are successful and fully-realized – hers are not fragmentary pipe dreams but rather complete visions. That these efforts of hers often involve working collectively, adjusting to various personalities, and coordinating disparate groups of writers and artists, is an even greater testament to the depth of her ability. This unique combination of vision, dedication, and focus is what I have valued in my work with her, and it is precisely what I believe makes Marie an adept communications professional.” – Andrew Knighton, professor of English, California State University Los Angeles (former colleague at MN Daily, VACUM)

“I have worked with Marie as a freelancer, and I’ve seen her jump to challenges, adapt to change, carry out difficult goals, and help our publication distinguish itself. I was particularly impressed when I had an idea for a different way to tackle an old concept. I bounced the idea off Marie, and she made it work. She accepts feedback extremely well, and in a way that encourages a dialogue. You won’t go wrong with her.” – Diane Bacha, Marketing & Communications Director, Public Allies National (former General Manager of MKE, A Journal Communications publication)

“I appreciated Marie’s timely responses and reasonable service prices. She was able to point out several areas where idea development was needed, as well as provide a basic skeleton for copy-editing.” (Contact info on request)

“Marie Valentine has edited three books I have written and we have co-edited several short-run chapbooks. Her keen intellect, critical eye for good writing and ability to process large amounts of complicated text in a short period of make her a valuable asset. Marie is impressively well-read and has been tremendous to collaborate with due to the broad range of literature which encompasses the breadth of her interest. I would highly recommend her in the areas of editing, proofreading, writing, analytical critique and inspirational encouragement.” – Wes Tank, writer and filmmaker

“Marie did an excellent job proofreading my manuscript. I enjoyed her insight and found her recommendations very helpful. I was impressed by her professionalism and the quick turnaround.” – Tessa Saks

"This initial web page was very user friendly. The response was immediate. Both editors responded promptly. Both did sample edits. I chose Valerie because I felt she was a better fit for me. She had very poignant comments. Easy fixes that worked well in my stories. She has made my series a much more polished package. I have more work for her and look forward to a long history with her editing skills.” Deborah Morton

“I have known Marie for years, and we have worked together on multiple projects. Her hard work and creative spirit have always been an inspiration to me. Her love for language/writing/editing are clear, and she turns that into enthusiastic and insightful contributions to a project.” – Dana Sitar, creative nonfiction writer

“Marie is an enthusiastic, dependable and conscientious employee who would be a great addition to any project.” – Jean Schauer, Editor in Chief at the BeyeNETWORK, (former manager and EIC at Information Management)

“Marie brings a creative mind and love of nature to everything she does. I really like her focused approach to work and her ability to get things done well and in a timely manner. She is very energetic, earning her masters degree while working full time, and a loyal, dependable member of the team.” – Mary Jo Nott, Editorial Director at Bloor Group (former manager and EIC at Information Management)

“I love having Marie as an editor. She truly engages with the work. She finds the inner heart of the piece and works her way out from there. I appreciate that she fields my questions regarding edits openly and promptly. She is more than I could hope for. If it were ethical, I would have her edit this recommendation.” – Mike Bahl, fiction writer