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Book Editor • Proofreader • French - Italian - English Translator

JOAN GIARDINO is an editor, proofreader, and translator with more than 25 years’ experience in the book publishing industry. Her clients include major book publishers, authors, illustrators, theater directors, and personal historians.

She has edited or proofread hundreds of award-winning published books—children, middle-grade, and young adult fiction, nonfiction, adult fiction and nonfiction, biographies, and personal memoirs. Since access to the Internet has given the reader the ability to “see” and/or “experience” situations and places far away in time and place, Joan makes certain that the text rings true when editing nonfiction, historical fiction, or fiction that includes real places and events.

As an editorial consultant, Joan can:
  • Ensure that the author’s voice is engaging, clear and authentic
  • Make difficult information accessible and easy to understand
  • Copyedits manuscripts, paying particular attention not only to grammar and punctuation, but to plot, characters, details, and stylistic consistency
  • Oversee the book production process from raw manuscript to finished books
  • Work with authors and illustrators to make sure commissioned artwork reflects the text
  • Conduct research to find artwork and historical documents to enhance the text.

Joan’s fluency in French and Italian and working knowledge of Spanish have enhanced her ability as a wordsmith and her sensitivity to nuance. Her travels in Europe, Egypt, Mexico, and Bolivia, as well as the time she has spent studying and living abroad add yet another dimension to her work.

Authors and editors alike have benefited from Joan’s experience and expertise. Stephanie Rogers, the author of The Horse I Belong To, wrote, “My thanks would not be complete without recognizing my wonderful editor, Joan, who made everything she touched better.”


  • Copyediting fiction and nonfiction for children, young adults, and adults
  • Proofreading fiction and nonfiction for children, young adults, and adults
  • Rewriting and rewording as needed for substantive editing
  • Checking the accuracy of works translated into English from French and Italian

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