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Jo-Ann has been in the writing and editing business for 25 years, specializing in self-help, holistic health, metaphysical and spiritual topics. Throughout the '90s, she served as Associate Editor of Body, Mind & Spirit, a national New Age magazine for which she edited all copy and wrote features and celebrity interviews (Caroline Myss, Ali MacGraw, Thomas Moore, Fritjof Capra, Deepak Chopra, Betty Eadie). Best received were her insights into the psycho-spiritual dynamics of homeopathy (how it works) and a series about bodily ecology, "The Shocking Truth About Your Colon -- And What You Can Do About It," which sparked close to 300 responses. Over the past several years, Jo-Ann has edited 30 books, 25 of which have been published.

Student writing/young-adult literature is another of Jo-Ann's specialties. As Senior Editor of Merlyn's Pen: The National Magazine of Student Writing (1985-2001), she edited and proofread all stories and poems for publication. During her tenure there, Merlyn's Pen won the EDPRESS Golden Lamp Award for instructional materials. She also authored numerous teachers' guides and direct-mail promotions, and edited 10 short-story anthologies for the magazine which have been translated and reprinted in Europe and the Far East. For several years, Jo-Ann served as Director of Merlyn's Pen's Mentors in Writing program, a semester-long writing tutorial for students in grades 6-12. She is presently a mentor for "Finding 'I' in the College Admission Essay," a tutorial for students which attempts to transform the often dreaded "personal statement" into an experience of discovery, awakening, and joy.

Jo-Ann also devoted four years to writing and editing for Aetna Life & Casualty. As Editor of Life NEWS, the Company's newspaper, she had sole responsibility for finding, developing, writing, and proofing all articles. Topics included new products, sales campaigns, insurance-agent interviews, personnel accolades, Company acquisitions and policies. What had previously been a drab "house organ" became, under her leadership, an eagerly anticipated read, sprinkled with subtle humor.


Published Books Edited by Jo-Ann

paranormal new age channeling book editormagic book editor


A Paranormal Reader, Gail Godfrey -– Merwede Press

Totem Magic: Going MAD,  John Griffith -– Wheat Mark Press

2012 Awakening: Choosing Spiritual Awakening Over Armageddon -- Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa - Ulysses Press

Amen: The Occult Bloodline of the Grail, Michael El Nour, Antahkaranah

Ben Franklin: America's Original Entrepreneur -- by Blaine McCormick, Entrepreneur Press

Born to Be: A Simple 4-Step Method to Reconnect with Your Special Abilities -- by Stephen Bastien, Make a Difference Publishing

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life -- by Barbara Y. Martin, WisdomLight Books

Cracking the Networking Code: Four Steps to Priceless Business Relationships -- by Dean Lindsay, World Gumbo Publishing

Creating Space for Happiness: The Secret of Giving Room -- Dr. Anthony J. Castro - Prometheus Books, 2008

Entrepreneur Magazine's Legal Guide: Forming a Partnership and Making It Work -- Ira Nottonson, Entrepreneur Press

Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Home-based Business Handbook -- by James Stephenson, Entrepreneur Press

Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide -- by James Stephenson, Entrepreneur Press

F.E.E.L. Feel Every Emotion as Love: Turn Your Negative Emotions into Your Greatest Allies -- Michelle Bersell, Living Source Publishing, 2012

Fairy Tales of Our Grandmothers -- Karl Hlobil, Forest Friends Series, 2012

From Here to Divinity: Remembering the Divine Feminine and Masculine - Nadia Magli, published by Higher Self Publishing Group, 2010.

From Kitchen to Market: Selling Your Gourmet Specialty -- by Stephen Hall, Dearborn Press

The Golden Rules of Etiquette at The Plaza -- by Lyudmila Bloch, Fifth Avenue Press

Growing Ageless: The Simple Art of Health and Longevity -- Richard Bush, Longevity Press, Thailand/Minneapolis

How to Write Killer Sales Proposals -- by Bud Porter-Roth, Addison-Wesley

Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock’s Legacy -- James T. Valliere - Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center

License to Write: New Writing from Today's Authors Under 20 -- Merlyn's Pen, Inc.

Lifetime Physique -- Stuart Schaefer - Body of Purpose, LLC

Lighting the Lamp Within: Illuminating the Path to Greater Spiritual Awareness - Jyoti Sondhi, published by iUniverse Inc., 2010

Love Signs & You -- by Rochelle Gordon & Nadia Stieglitz, The Five Mile Press, Ltd.

The Magic Man -- by "Friends of Peter," Roaring Lion Publishing

Make Big Profits on EBay -- by Jacqueline Lynn, Entrepreneur Press

Maya -- Dane Alexander, Karl Dankert Publishing

Mental Mechanics: A Beginner's Manual -- Douglas McKee (online; publication pending)

The Mindfulness Wheel -- by Frederick Burggraf, Day One Publishing

The Moth Comes to the Flame, Vol. I  -- by John Roberts, Roaring Lion Publishing

The Moth Comes to the Flame, Vol. II -- by John Roberts, Roaring Lion Publishing

The Secret of Life -- Ronan Rooney, Rooney Concepts International, Inc.

The Wanderer -- by American Teen Writers, Merlyn's Pen, Inc.

Where Are My Ankles? How Iyengar Yoga Rescued Me from Stress, Fear, and a Very Bad Back -- Deborah Rummelhart - Funny Path Publishing, LLC

White Knuckles: Thrillers and Other Stories -- American Teen Writers - Merlyn's Pen, Inc.

Yes! One Person Can Make a Difference -- by Stephen Bastien, Make a Difference Publishing

Your Birthday Sign Through Time -- by Rochelle Gordon & Nadia Stieglitz, Atria Books

Feedback / Testimonials

"She did a great job and it was most appreciated." - Ed

"I have found Jo-Ann’s edits to be very helpful and thorough and they are helping me to see my characters and book in a new way which strengthens my manuscript and my writing!" (On file with Network Coordinator)

"Jo-Ann was wonderful to work with. A professionally edited manuscript makes all the difference. She makes me look like I know what I’m doing. Thank you, thank you." - Cynthia Mitchell

"Jo-Ann was great! She is knowledgeable about the subject matter (spirituality), and she made a great contribution the book. When it comes times to revise the book I will definitely call on her again." - D.E. Hardesty, Finding Your Power to Be Happy

"Jo-Ann did a great job editing my novel. She improved the quality of my writing and allowed me to produce a novel worth publishing. She was reliable and fun to work with." - Donna Langston

"Jo-Ann dramatically upgraded the quality of my story. Specifically, it is her word choices. She is able to see my intended meaning and pick the better word to communicate that meaning. She has helped me tell my story, without changing my story. It has been an incredible pleasure to get her insights and guidance." - Jeremy Joseph

"Jo-Ann Langtree is the best editor our publishing company has ever used. She is highly professional with a couple dashes of fun. Every one of my authors is also so impressed. They think their manuscripts are perfect and Jo-Ann makes them PERFECT!!! Jo-Ann is among the premiere editors in the county. She is our ‘GO TO’!" -Dean Lindsay, Publisher with World Gumbo Publishing and Author of The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change.

"Jo-Ann was easily approachable and was very accommodating with the timelines. The quality of work as always was excellent and this is why we approached her several times for editing work." -Akshay Anand

"Jo-Ann’s task was to keep the poetical language and style of the manuscript written by a non-native English speaker, and to preserve the author's unique and distinctive voice. And she has done it all, and even more. Jo-Ann beautified the language, making its flow and rhythm better. Her corrections made images more vivid and accessible for the English-speaking audience. As a result, the text is even more poetical now. Jo-Ann also provided extremely helpful comments regarding grammar rules: she explained such nuances that are difficult for a foreigner to spot and understand. As an editor, Jo-Ann is very professional, responsible, and comfort to work with. Her contribution to the text is invaluable." (On file with network coordinator)

"On Facebook I referred to Jo-Ann Langseth as my Editing Goddess. She brought much more than just copy editing to my manuscript. She certainly has the eye for flow and showed me where my story was clunky. Then she showed me why and how to de-clunk it. I feel so much more confident about my book now! In the beginning, I told her that she would not find much to edit in the body of my ms. I am so happy to have been wrong. I would have cringed if one of my readers had pointed those mistakes out to me." John Griffith author of Totem Magic: Going MAD

"The network responded quickly and efficiently. Jo-Ann is very professional, to the point. She connected extremely well with my work and with me. Her work has enhanced my manuscript!!" Sandra Levy.

"I was very fortunate to connect with Jo-Ann. She brought both color and wisdom to the ideas I presented in my manuscript. She finished the work prior to our agreed upon deadline and was helpful throughout the process." (Contact info on request)

"Jo-Ann has been fabulous, very helpful, I ended learning more about word meanings due to her vast knowledge. It was an easy transaction. She is definitively a plus to work with." (On file with network coordinator)

"Jo Ann was completely fabulous from start to finish. I have been writing my book for many years and she tied it all in so quickly. I can not believe there is not one single error in her work not one!! Amazing. She took the time to speak to me and get to know me, so when she needed to add words she actually added words that I would use which I found quite surprising given I am Australian and she is American. She finished my project in the time that was agreed, she is smart, professional, kind, and has such a deep understanding for a variety of topics, I know this because in my book I cover a lot of my colouful experiences in this life and Jo-Ann was genuinely interested in understanding the story asking questions along the way. I couldn't recommend her highly enough, she is a hidden treasure I cant wait to work with her again." Renee Eaves

"I am so pleased with Jo-Ann’s editing on many levels. First, she is amazingly proficient in the rules of English usage and saved my manuscript from countless self-inflicted, grammatical errors. Best of all, Jo-Ann offered tons of clever suggestions for improving style and readability with catchier story titles and phrasing, never missing a conflict in logic or sensibility. Then there is her impressive fact checking -- catching more than one misspelled name and mistaken professional title. Most of all, Jo-Ann has an astonishing understanding of Mind-Body-Spirit and a limitless familiarity with all the strange facts and fictions that make up my sub-genre: the paranormal. Above all, she is a joy to work with: funny, personable, lively, reliable, and responsive. Jo-Ann is at the top of her class!" (On file with network coordinator)

"I want to thank you for your elegant editing service. I want to take this moment to express my appreciation for having helped me with my book. I am truly grateful for having a wonderful editor like you. May the Lord continue blessing you and being with you." Karel Hlobil

"Being a beginner, having much trepidation about the cost of editing I was so relieve to find a site that was as efficient as yours. Jo Ann contacted me and right away got immersed in the story subject. She took a ‘lumpy’ story and turned it into something smooth and easy to read. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and ease she was to work with. I also appreciate the reasonable price.” Joseph

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Jo-Ann a 12!  After finishing my first novel, I struggled with how to find an editor. I asked other authors for recommendations and ‘shopped’ around, but none felt like a good fit. Then, through a routine Internet search, I found Jo-Ann. Her bio and references sounded almost too good to be true, but I decided to give it a shot. I sent in the requested information, along with a sample of my work. Less than two hours later, I received a warm response from Jo-Ann, with comments on my sample! Best of all, her suggestions were worded in a way that gave me comfort in her editing ability, without shattering my ego. I felt confident that she could help me take my book to the next level. And, even better, her background in psychology made the perfect skill set for review of my book (which involves a mentally ill character).  After our initial exchange, Jo-Ann made the contracting and payment process painless, then quickly began the edit. She caught things (typos, inconsistencies in flow, over use of words) and cited grammatical rules that I never knew existed. She even checked locations, noting that a restaurant I'd referenced had long ago gone out of business. Plus, she did all of this while keeping my tone, and staying true to my writing style and characters' voices.  Finally, Jo-Ann held my hand through the process, giving me positive feedback on the storyline and my writing -- which as a novice writer, I found invaluable! Her sense of humor and warmth came through at every turn, making me feel good about the edits and even more confident in my work. I would highly recommend Jo-Ann as an editor!" - Monica R. McCullough

"Jo-Ann's editing was meticulous. Her comments were interesting to read and even hilarious.” - Padma Shandas

"Thanks so much, Jo-Ann, for your brilliant work on my manuscript! You are a delightful teammate, and I am grateful that life has put us together. Your flame of passion and your sense of humor shine through from page to page. Thank you very much for the beautiful colors you've painted on my dear manuscript. You are the makeup artist I was looking for!" -- Wen-jie Qin

"Jo-Ann did great editing work on my book and made many valuable comments about content that allowed me to improve the way my theory is presented."  — (On file with network coordinator)

"While working with me, Jo-Ann demonstrated her strong editorial skills, professionalism and efficiency. She made the process enjoyable and I will not hesitate to hire her again for future writing projects." —(Contact information on request)

"Jo-Ann was fantastic. She was always communicating and made me feel like I was the only person she was working with. I would definitely use Jo-Ann again!" —Linda Phibbs

"It was a pleasure working with Jo-Ann on the editing of my project. She has an exceptional ability to transform a rough manuscript into a polished piece of work. Her work was excellent - beyond my expectations. Further, I was impressed with her knowledge on a wide range of subject matter, as well as timeliness in completing manuscript sections. With a most radiant sense of humor, I feel any writer; author will find working with Jo-Ann a pleasant and productive experience." —Marty Thompson

"What excited me about the consultant was her enthusiasm for the product as well as her critical detail as it pertained to facts and grammar. I appreciate her input as it was more than just editing; she questioned every line and that helped me to gain more confidence in the material as I sought a publisher. Her thoroughness was unbelievable and very accessible; as she reported on time and always kept me updated on her progress; she was really the perfect person to work with. I salute Jo-Ann and thank her for her great and meticulous work." —Jeffrey Lewis

"I will never forget the day Jo-Ann sent back her corrections (132) on the final draft of my etiquette book, 'The Golden Rules of Etiquette at The Plaza,' after another editor had checked the copy twice and charged a huge amount of money. I was in a state of disbelief! That afternoon, my life was changed forever by Jo-Ann and her red ink pen!"
—Lyudmila Bloch, Founder and Partner/ (a subsidiary
of CIS Network Corp., NYC)

"Jo-Ann was great to work with. She was very responsive and turned in exactly what we'd asked for. We'll look to use her again on future projects." —Nick Denton-Brown, acquisitions editor, Ulysses Press

"The network responded in a very timely manner and several consultants contacted me within a few days. After I sent a sample to all of them, I received answers back within a short period of time. The quality of the different consultants' work was quite diverse, and Jo-Ann's fit perfectly with the style I had been looking for. I have been extremely pleased with the work she has done for me and would recommend her without any hesitation." —(Contact information on request)

"It was a pleasure to work with Jo-Ann. Not only is she an incredible editor, but truly professional on all levels. She really made an impact on my first book and am so grateful to have her as my editor.  I am extremely pleased with her commitment to my work and being efficient and getting back to me in a timely manner and also delivering my edited manuscript as promised.  5 stars!" —Dr. Chad Sato

"It has been a real pleasure to work with Jo-Ann. I found her to be positive, professional, and supportive. It was very easy to communicate with her about all aspects of editing. She responded enthusiastically to my queries and comments. Her explanations and remarks were helpful and usable. I would have no reservations in recommending her to other writers." —(Contact information on request)

"Jo-Ann's edits were perfect...just what I was looking for. She knew exactly what I was trying to say, and captured the emotions I was trying to create. I had not read the book for a couple months, and it was like reading an amazing, new, book. I was inspired all over again...and I WROTE IT!" —Stuart Schaefer, Lifetime Physique

"Along the way, I have used several editors. One is an English literature major whose current business is strictly editing, as well as a well known PhD, who has edited two Pulitzer Prize-winning books. Neither comes close to Ms. Langtree's ability in this field." —Dane Alexander

"Jo-Ann excelled beyond my expectations! As soon as I received Jo-Ann's response, I knew she was the right person for the job. During the short time that Jo-Ann contracted with me for the developmental editing of my book, we were in contact with each other on a weekly basis. Her constructive criticism was up-front, honest, and most of all, right on. The amount of story development and detailed editing that she contributed was beyond the dollar value of the contract amount. She helped a first-time author with a good idea but with terrible grammar create something magical. I will hire her for my future projects. Thanks, Jo-Ann!" —Jeff Gillespie

"YOU ARE THE BEST EDITOR EVER!!!  I am so impressed by the tremendously professional and timely job you did, and also by the breadth of your talents.  Not only were you incredibly accurate in technical grammatical minutiae, such as where to put quote marks and the accompanying punctuation marks, but your fact checking was superb.  I really did not expect the level of corrections you did to my citations of technical legal material and medical journals.  I was also impressed by your literary judgment and taste.  At first I must admit, I suffered the novice author's reaction of 'How dare she suggest changes to my words!' but after I read your suggested changes and thought about them, I saw that you were right." —Deborah Rummelhart

"I wanted to write you personally to tell you about Jo-Ann Langseth. She recently completed the second editorial round on my manuscript. Working with her a second time was a pleasure. She is professional, efficient, hard working, very good at what she does and makes the process enjoyable. I had interviewed other editors and I came to realize that Jo-Ann possesses a positive attitude and understanding that makes a huge difference while working with someone. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is in search of an editor (especially for New Age content). She is top notch and did a fantastic job!" (on file with coordinator)

"Thank you, Jo-Ann. You have added so much quality, professionalism and clarity to the book and your reflective comments have been enlightening. I fell in love with the way you helped me describe the experience in nature--that small miraculous patch of ground and the greater expanse. I could feel you felt what I did. You have an amazing talent and I will always be indebted to you for working with me and blessed that we found you." —Ronan Rooney, author, Rooney Concepts

"Jo-Ann is top notch. Her professionalism and easy-going personality made all the difference. I was extremely lucky to find her and plan to use her again and again. Jo-Ann is bright, fast and extremely easy to work with. Thank you for this opportunity to shout her praises." —Dean Lindsay,

"Jo-Ann did a wonderful, professional job on my manuscript project. Not only did she edit grammar and punctuation, but she also commented in areas where more clarity was needed for the story. She went over and beyond what I had expected. She was very prompt in replying to my e-mails with all questions or concerns that I had. I would definitely use Jo-Ann for other projects, and I would highly recommend her to others seeking assistance with theirs." —Janet McMillin

"Jo-Ann is wonderful to work with, high spirited and fast. She skillfully uses a greatly extended vocabulary, knows  the grammar, and her style does not overlap the author's. With my best wishes for the Network." —Michael El Nour

"I knew Jo-Ann was the right choice to edit my book when she enthusiastically wrote, 'I've been having a 30 year love affair with the English language!' A true professional, her commitment to detail was constant throughout her work as she evaluated each work for its appropriateness. She certainly was a master with the grammar/punctuation yet she offered so much more. I guarantee you will not go wrong if you hire her." —Anthony Castro, clinical psychologist