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The author and editor of more than 300 books, David Alan knows what it takes to get a book published.

"Excellence is his habit," publisher Les Krantz wrote, and it's reflected in the numbers: David's score on Goodreads is 4.21, based on nearly 3,000 ratings.

Civil rights icon Myrlie Evers-Williams, who delivered the invocation to President Barack Obama's second inauguration, told NPR about Civil Rights Chronicle, which David edited and cowrote: "Honestly, this book is one of the best that I have seen, if not the best. . . . It's absolutely magnificent. For those like me who say, 'I'm tired, I can't do any more,' you pick up this book and you go through it and you know why you were dedicated and you know why you can't stop and that you will continue to fight for justice and equality."

David has authored, cowritten, and edited books for 20 publishers, including Random House, HarperCollins, St. Martin's Press, Barnes & Noble, Scholastic, and Total/Sports Illustrated.

He has worked with such foreword writers as Walter Cronkite, John Eisenhower, Margaret Truman, Maureen O'Hara, Gordie Howe, Ernie Banks, Ozzie Smith, U.S. congressman John Lewis, and U.S. senators Daniel Inouye and Ben Nighthorse Campbell.

The Murder of Emmett Till, which David authored, was assigned reading for journalism students at New York University because of its exemplary journalistic prose. Memory & Legacy, which he edited, was officially presented to President Bill Clinton during the grand opening of the Illinois Holocaust Museum. JFK Day by Day, which David edited and cowrote, was featured on Today with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. It was converted into a video-enhanced book that was narrated by Meet the Press host David Gregory.

David has written documentary scripts narrated by Reggie Jackson, Jim Lampley, Joe Garagiola, and Carlton Fisk. He has penned biographies on such individuals as Harvey Milk, Magic Johnson, Malala Yousafzai, Mitt Romney, Eminem, Malcolm X, Alex Rodriguez, and Amy Winehouse.

Here is how you will benefit by having your manuscript edited by David:

1) With his critique (typically one page) and his suggestions throughout the manuscript, he will help you take the manuscript to a higher, publish-ready level.

2) David will personally copy edit and proofread the manuscript. Publishers and literary agents are much more likely to consider a squeaky-clean manuscript because A) the writer immediately comes across as highly professional and B) the manuscript has greater value because the publisher doesn't have to pay for a copy edit. If a publisher wants to purchase your book, you could use point B in your negotiations in an effort to get a larger advance.

3) Because of David's experience and cachet, you are more likely to sell your book to a publisher if his name is attached to the project. A book "authored by J. Doe and edited by David Alan" will give the publisher assurance that the book will be a professional effort.

4) He can help you write a book proposal and pitch letter for publishers and/or literary agents.


Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY)

2016 Bronze Medal Winner

Independent Publishers Book Awards

Non-fiction E-book

ACE - The Story of Lt. Col. Ace Cozzalio by Rex Gooch

ACE Book Award, Rex Gooch"David, once again, thanks for all your input into the ACE book. Without your efforts I would not have won the Bronze Medal IPPY award." - Rex Gooch