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Substantive editing, copyediting, rewriting, book production

Genre fiction (everything except romance); novels and short stories. Horror, dark fantasy, young adult adventure, neo-pulp, military science fiction.

Alan started out in newspaper journalism and small press publishing, working for grizzled editors on weekdays and then posing as one on weekends. These experiences propelled Mr. Jeffries to a World Fantasy Award and publishing some of the biggest names in genre. Then he headed off to Hollywood to work in creative development and marry an English teacher. During this time he created in-house publishing programs for two different producers before returning to full-time professional editing.

More recently, Mr. Jeffries initiated a prose division for a media company, commissioning a wide variety of genre narrative manuscripts from an international roster of writers, both seasoned pros and new talents. These projects included horror, dark fantasy, young adult adventure, neo-pulp, and military science fiction.

Editor's Statement

"I know from experience the time and effort that goes into the creative process. As your editor, I am an advocate for the reader and a seasoned guide for you. It's my belief that true writing is actually rewriting; deciding what to keep, add, toss, or do over. Whether it's in the early conceptual stages, or during later drafts, my job is to provide perspective and practical support, pointing out problems and suggesting strategies for resolving them. In other words, facilitating your creativity without losing sight of craft.

"My approach to substantive editing is hands on and collaborative, starting with a detailed consultation about your work, then extensive written analysis and a fully-annotated markup of your manuscript. (I can also execute text changes as part of my rewriting service.) My main focus is on character realism, story logic, prose clarity, and narrative impact.

"Giving notes without offering solutions is just rude (you can get that from your cat for free), l always offer strategies or alternate approaches to get to where you want to go.

"Also, should you be needing these services, I am an experienced a book packager. I've seen many projects through from a one paragraph pitch to finished books, handling all areas of both manuscript and physical book production, from basic book design to print-ready typeset.

"There's a saying that the artist is the last to know, meaning that creators never have the perspective on their work that everyone else does. My job is to provide that needed perspective and help you solve whatever problems are keeping your work from achieving its full potential."


With a background in media publicity & promotion. I am also a ninja at:

  • Press Releases
  • Press Kits
  • PowerPoint & Keynote Slide Kits
  • Book-length manuscripts
  • Narration scripts
  • In-house Reports
  • Content Editing
  • Web Content


"Thank you for the check-list. It'll help me flesh out my main characters as I write the scenes. I liked your ideas for Sarah's character. It'll make a good back-story for future novels I'll be sending you my drafts. You seem to have a 'smell' for what sells."